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People Weird Habits

Updated on January 17, 2011

Well I'm an Software Engineering student, maybe that's why (or maybe it's just me) I have some very weird habits, like counting stairs when I'm going up one floor, and then mentally calculate how many stairs are in the entire building, the TV volume always have to be dividable by 5 if not I feel dizzy or something.

The list can go on, and so far I thought that maybe I was the only person in the word with strange habits, but today googling stuff with absolutely no importance I was suddenly into this yahoo answers question, in which some guy, or girl I don't know what people is in the internet, asked if anyone out there have weird habits too, surprisingly there are more people with strange habits than me or the girl/boy asking the questions, it comes out that must of people have strange habits in their lives, some of them where funny like, organizing skittles or M&M's into colors and then eat them from the smallest amount to the largest amount color, other ones where really nasty like touching intimate parts and then smelling fingers.

However, this whole thing got me thinking how incredible our brain is, in my personal and humble theory about this weird habits that must people have, is that our brain doesn't ever stop, not for even a minute, it is always thinking, even when we think we are not thinking, some ones like me likes to count stuff, others organize stuff, and others just feel curious about smells or stuff.

It's been said that we human beings only use like 10% of our brains capacity, and look what we as a race have achieved, I guess if we use it at 100% we would communicate telepathically or move stuff with the power of our brain, that would be nice, and maybe only maybe control all of this weird habits we as humans have.

As an experiment, it would me nice that in the comment part of this hub you tell us about your weird habits... come one! you know you have at least one :) Thanks for sharing. 


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    • profile image

      Rub 4 years ago

      I rub my ring finger, and pinky finger with my index finger for long periods of time. I rub these fingers in different ways, and I suck my tongue when I do it. Pretty weird, been doing it since I was a small child.

    • profile image

      Zumba 5 years ago

      I pick my nose......and I'm 35

    • profile image

      Sara 6 years ago

      I have a few habits. I do have to organize my skittles and M&M's and eat them from smallest quantity to the largest. If there are large square tiles on the floor, or concrete slabs for the sidewalk, I have to count my steps. I always make it so it is the same amount each time. I also have a habit where if something touches the inside of my wrists or elbows, such as laying them on something, I have to rub it. For exactly a minute. Everytime I lock my front door, I have to lock it, unlock it and then lock it again. Steps have to be an odd number, or I will purposefully skip a step to make it so. The last one is if someone tells me to remember something, I'll start walking and I'll say it in my mind to the beat of my steps. I freak if I don't.

    • profile image

      Rosieeee 6 years ago

      I have a phobia of talking about, or touching my veins especialy on the insides of my hands and the backs of my hands. My friends know i hate it and start sticking pencils in their veins and stuff. Eiugh. it makes me cringe even thinking about it. I nearly faint every time i have an injection, because it disgusts me thinking that they put a needle into your muscle or vein.

      Everything I do has to be an even number, i think that if its odd, something odd will happen. E.g If i have to put somthing down i will have to put it down twice at least and anything i touch i have to touch twice.

      Everyone has to stay up for at least an hour so that i get to sleep, if they come upstairs to go to bed i will tell them to go back down and wait till I'm asleep. I'm not scared of the dark, just scared of whats IN it.

      It always feels like there is something on my hands, so i rub the little fingers of both hands with the second finger in (ring finger) i rub the ring fingers with the index fingers and so on until it feels okay. I will do this round about 20 times a day.

      I sometimes wonder if I'm mad. :L:L

    • cookibuq profile image

      cookibuq 7 years ago from Ireland / Hong Kong

      I only noticed this a few days ago (when a kind but worried friend pointed out) that I trace pictures in my rice with a look of pure concentration on my face before eating, or when I try not to step on the cracks of pavements on the street and end up walking right into a good few confused individuals before deciding to quit :) it was kinda fun at the time

    • sueroy333 profile image

      Susan Mills 7 years ago from Indiana

      I have a weird habit of hopping hubs. Glad I did. This was a good one! :)