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Funny Weird Infomercials and Products

Updated on December 14, 2016

Television Infomercials

The Infomercial Hall of Fame featuring weird inventions, strange products and gratuitous cleavage.
The Infomercial Hall of Fame featuring weird inventions, strange products and gratuitous cleavage.

Weird Infomercials

I have decided to create a hall of fame for the best weird, wacky and unintentionally funny infomercials.

We have all seen them late at night: washed up television stars pretending to be excited about the latest amazing kitchen appliance, a knife that cuts through 10 inch reinforced steel, or some exercise gadget guaranteed to make you sexy, young and toned for only 3 payments of $39.99 each or your money back.

Welcome to the Infomercial Hall of Fame. The infomercials that have been honored here, have been selected based on different areas of "excellence". Some have atrociously stilted dialogue, others promote a bizarre product or strange invention, while others are unintentionally funny because of poor acting or ill-conceived market testing. Now sit back, enjoy, and get that credit card ready!

Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask

Strange Invention

This infomercial won an award in the "strange invention" category. The idea is that you can get your face to do "8 face ups" a second by firing jolts of "mild" electricity into your facial muscles causing the muscles to do a little happy dance and giving you a youthful, toned face. This thing might actually work, and best of all the device can double as a Halloween mask.

Facial Flex Video

Strange Infomercial Product

This infomercial pitches the Facial Flex device. Like the rejuvenating mask, it is designed to give your face muscles a work out, though minus the electrocution.

This invention may work, but unfortunately the poor model demonstrating how to use it looks like an actress in some S+M bondage video.

Lava Lamp

Funny Infomercial Host

Sometimes even the infomercial host can't take himself seriously. This host seems so bored with his fate as a lava lamp salesmen that he decides to poke a little fun at himself and the product. According to him one of the selling features of the lava lamp is that if you touch it it will fuse your fingers together into a webbed appendage. Bet you didn't know you needed that?

Cat Sack

Things You Don't Need

The same QVC host tries to sell you something else you don't need: a cat for toys called a "Cat Sack" - The idea is that your cat will love the crinkling noise that this bag makes.

Of course, your cat would also like the sound that a free Wal-Mart bag makes.

Exploitational Sales Pitch

Sex Sells

This infomercial for the Tiddy Bear wins an award in both the "Sex Sells" category and in the "Double Entendre Product Name" category.

The idea is that seat belts can be uncomfortable so why not place the patent pending Tiddy (do they mean Titty?) Bear between you and your voluptuous breasts. Why are products like these never marketed by overweight balding men? (Not that I'm complaining, of course.)

Results May Vary

Male Enhancement Products

After titillating male viewers with the Tiddy Bear, this infomercial preys on their sexual insecurities by promising male enhancement. This infomercial wins a dual award in both the "Most Horrible Acting" category and the "Prominent Legal Disclaimer" category.

Note the stilted dialogue and the prominent disclaimer "Results May Vary" which pops up throughout the video. Of course, the obvious question: in what way will the results vary is never asked or answered. Will some men experience shrinkage? Or will some experience such enormous enhancement that from then on they will be destined for a career in a travelling freak show?

Don't worry, the product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Gratuitous Cleavage

Who is the target demographic for this commercial?

I wonder who could be the target demographic for this infomercial. Let's see ... hmm ... could it be horny men?

In this infomercial, two buxom ladies are explaining how to be businesswomen and make money online. They are pitching a course on how to set up a money making website, which apparently has something to do with camera closeups on their cleavage.

This infomercial wins an award in the "Gratuitous Cleavage" category.

Infomercials Can be Hazardous to Your Health

Don't Try This At Home

In this infomercial the host is demonstrating the cutting power and indestructibility of a Katana Sword, something no would-be samurai should be without. Unfortunately, in this demonstration the sword not only fails to cut through the target but breaks off and shoots a piece of the blade into the arm of the presenter, leading to the immortal lines; "Oh that hurt! That hurt me big time! We may need emergency surgery in the studio!"

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Television Ads
Television Ads

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