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"Welcome to Waikiki" Finale -- Will Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah End Up Together?

Updated on April 16, 2018
"Welcome to Waikiki" is a K-drama currently airing on JTBC. It is extremely popular for its slapstick comedy.
"Welcome to Waikiki" is a K-drama currently airing on JTBC. It is extremely popular for its slapstick comedy. | Source

For the first time in a very long time, there is a K-drama that is making waves among viewers for going a unique direction compared to other K-dramas. JTBC, the Korean cable or pay network known for popular K-dramas like Childless Comfort and Strong Girl Bong-soon, is currently airing a slapstick comedy, a rarity among K-dramas, titled Welcome to Waikiki.

Also known as, Go Go Waikiki, Woohoo Waikiki, and Laughter Waikiki, the K-drama is so popular, JTBC decided to extend it by four more episodes. Needless to say, fans have laughed along at all the deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing moments the ensemble cast blunder through.

We are now coming up to the penultimate and final episodes. Though we want to see more slapstick comedy, there is one plot angle the majority of viewers are anticipating to see come to resolution. Will Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah finally end up together?

The Final Romance Hinted in Episode 18

Before I continue, I must stress there are spoilers ahead for Episode 18. Unless you already seen it or if you do not care about spoilers, I'd skip to the next section.

Prior to Episode 18, there was quite a possibility that Bong Doo-sik (played by Son Seung-won) and Min Soo-ah (played by Lee Joo-woo) would end up together. The ensemble cast of three men and three women are paired off and those two are always seen together for one reason or another. For example, Soo-ah ends up working at the convenience store Doo-sik works at too after Doo-sik claims he saw Soo-ah's ex-boyfriend, the one who scammed her and ran off. Later on, Doo-sik decides to help Soo-ah catch up on studies as she never graduated from college. Of course all these situations have a bit of slapstick flair.

However, all the interactions between Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah don't necessarily mean they are attracted to each other. Such could happen between two close yet platonic friends. That is why Episode 18 is so important.

Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah playing video games with Kang Seo-jin in the background on her computer.
Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah playing video games with Kang Seo-jin in the background on her computer. | Source

Near the beginning of the episode, Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah are playing a video game. At first, it comes off just a competitive game between friends, but Kang Seo-jin (played by Ko Won-hee) notices just how much Soo-ah picks on Doo-sik. Seo-jin inquires why Soo-ah is always picking on Doo-sik. In response, Soo-ah claims she doesn't know but that it is simply fun.

Min Soo-ah's feelings for Bong Doo-sik are made more prominent in the next scene. They are working with Soo-ah's friend and model Ah Young for promotions of their online mall venture. Doo-sik, instantly falls love sick for Young. At first, Soo-ah is happy to pair the two together, but her demeanor changes after seeing Doo-sik and Ah Young playing a video game together. It is easy to see that Soo-ah is upset.

In the video above after Min Soo-ah realizes she doesn't like it when Bong Doo-sik spends more time with Ah Young than her, Doo-sik goes to her to "ask something." Soo-ah perks up a bit possibly because "ask something" can come off as a confession. Instead, he asks for advice on impressing Ah Young after their first date went somewhat badly. Soo-ah is easily annoyed by this and schemes a way so that they don't end up together by giving him bad advice.

That bad advice was a pubic confession. Bong Doo-sik literally confesses his love for Ah Young out in a public place, in front of her colleagues, through a tap dance routine. Fellow Waikiki Guesthouse roommate Kang Dong-gu (played by Kim Jung-hyun) assists by dressing up in a clown costume and throwing confetti all over the place. Ah Young is clearly embarrassed slapping Doo-sik in the process.

When Bong Doo-sik and Kang Dong-gu arrive home dejected, they explain what happened to the other women of the house. Both Kang Seo-jin and Han Yoon-ah (played by Jung In-sun) are shocked Doo-sik would do such a thing. They explain that women hate public confessions. When Doo-sik learns this, he gets angry at Min Soo-ah demanding she "fix it." She apologizes claiming that she likes public confessions. She feints being tired and heads upstairs, but she is also happy Doo-sik and Ah Young's relationship failed yet again.

Min Soo-ah shows she is happy her scheme of giving bad advice worked as she does not want Bong Doo-sik to be with Ah Young.
Min Soo-ah shows she is happy her scheme of giving bad advice worked as she does not want Bong Doo-sik to be with Ah Young. | Source

There are other scenes with Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah that enforce the latter is starting to have feelings for the former. However, the aforementioned scenes are probably the most prominent in the episode.

Do you think Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah will end up together or will they just stay friends?

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Why is This Love Line Important for "Welcome to Waikiki" finale?

To be honest, it is quite possible that in the original script, both Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah would just be great friends with a successful business venture. It was clear from the beginning that the love lines established would be between Kang Dong-gu with Han Yoon-ah and Lee Joon-ki (played by Lee Yi-kyung) with Kang Seo-jin. Bong Doo-sik's angle with love is that he always failed at it. In short, his romance angles were mostly slapstick comedy relief.

However by expanding the series by four more episodes and the primary and secondary love lines already established, the writers had a chance to make something happen between Bong Doo-sik and Min Soo-ah. At this point, they are doing a great job as the possibility of those two being together is currently the most interesting plot point in the K-drama now. And with 18 episodes of both Doo-sik and Soo-ah failing in love, fans are shipping the two to happen.

Welcome to Waikiki airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC. For fans in North America, it can be viewed exclusively on DramaFever with the latest four episodes being exclusive to Premium members for two weeks.


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