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Wendy Williams' Staffers Speak Out About Her Prolonged Absence

Updated on February 20, 2019
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes about various topics, including celebrities and entertainment.

Host Wendy Williams has not appeared on her own daytime talk show this entire year. Her last appearance was on December 20, 2018. Fans are wondering when she will return.

Staffers are finally speaking about her prolonged absence. They shared several pieces of information concerning Wendy and the show that bears her name.

1. No Communication

Those who work on The Wendy Williams Show say Wendy no longer communicates with any of them about her health and when she expects to return.

Some have gone as far as saying that producers are taking matters into their own hands and they are acting like Wendy no longer exists. Even though Wendy's husband Kevin Hunter is still around, staffers are said to be giving him the cold shoulder. They used to get Hunter's approval for scheduling guest hosts, but they no longer include him in meetings to get his approval.

Staffers are inviting guests on their own, and there have many of them in January and February. It looks like the trend will continue because no one knows when Wendy will return.

2. Freedom Without Wendy

Radar Online reports that staffers are loving the freedom they have because Wendy is not around to micromanage them. They secretly hope she doesn't return anytime soon because they are getting their work done and enjoying their jobs. Workers on the show indicate that they are even much more productive when Wendy isn't around.

Even though employees are enjoying their time without Wendy, they have no idea when she will return. However, they think she might be losing viewers. Some people have posted on social media that they are tired of watching guest hosts. Besides, they don't know from day to day who is going to walk through the double doors at the beginning of the show.

At one time the staff was worried about losing their jobs because they were left and still are in limbo.

In spite of Wendy's prolonged absence, the staffers have proven that the show can still survive without her, and a lot of them don’t want her to return.

It appears that Williams’ close friends are worried about her recovery because she is having a hard time standing for long periods of time.

3. Co-Executive Producer Speaks

Suzanne Bass is Wendy's co-executive producer. She is the one who you see engaging with the studio audience to get people to stand, sit, and clap. Suzanne's husband is also the cameraman who works alongside his wife.

Suzanne has been with the talk show since its premiere in 2009. She posted a photo of her and Nick Cannon on her Instagram page after he substituted on February 4-6, 2019. She shared how delighted she was with Cannon's hosting assignment. She described it as "a class act" and said Nick was a delight to work with. When fans saw Suzanne's post, they thought there was so shade implied. toward Wendy.

54-year-old Wendy Williams
54-year-old Wendy Williams | Source

What Viewers Wants

Viewers and fans of the show understand and wish Wendy well concerning her medical condition. However, they would feel better if they had an idea when she is expected to return. She has changed the date of her return three times. Now, there is no pending date at all.

Over the last ten seasons, viewers have gotten used to Wendy's hot topics format and the other parts of the show. All of her guest hosts have done a fantastic job, but fans of the show are tired of seeing substitutes and want to know what is going on with the regular host.

It is not that loyal viewers want Wendy to return before she is completely well. They don't mind her taking all the time she needs to recuperate from complications associated with a fractured shoulder and Graves disease. What viewers want and think they deserve is an update. They don't like to be left hanging. In fact, some fans have indicated on social media that will find something else to watch in the time slot when The Wendy Williams Show is on.

What About Ratings?

It will be extremely hard to figure out what the ratings mean. If the ratings have gone down, one could assume that it is because of Wendy's absence and the presence of guest hosts. If the ratings have gone up, people could assume the same thing.

Even though Wendy is currently absent, her show has already been renewed through 2020. If she doesn't return, her show can still go on as it has done over the last two months without her. Fans are hoping she will return.


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