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We're Off to See the Wizard!

Updated on January 12, 2013

The Wizard of Oz

 This classic movie was ahead of its time.  Created in 1939, it had the makings of a tremendous historical event; no need for the elaborate special effects as seen in today's films, The Wizard of Oz grabbed you by the collar and didn't let go until Dorothy declared, "There's no place like home" in her bed.

Cleverly beginning and ending the film in black and white and turning into a fantasy land of technicolor upon existing her newly re-located home, the audience was mesmerized by the finely detailed land of Munchkin-land and its inhabitants.  I vividly remember watching the exchange from black/white to color as we had only owned a black and white TV.  My father, having purchased a new TV, insisted we watch The Wizard of Oz that night, even though we were busy with homework and our own projects.  We complained but obeyed and when Dorothy entered Munchkin-land, I jumped up, screaming!  "We have a color TV?!"  It was a wonderful memory that I will always treasure.

Dorothy can't figure out what she wants to do with her life.  After all, her farm life existence isn't full of excitement and while she loves her family and the extended family who work on their family farm, she believes she needs adventure in her life and feels it needs to happen now because of the nasty old "witch" in town who will take her precious dog Toto away from her.   personally could side with Toto.  I would have bitten that old bag myself.  She happens upon a peddler who sees that this frightened girl is running away for the wrong reason and persuades her to return to her Auntie Em.  In doing this, she gets caught in a twister and is cast into a new world of adventure.  The first character she meets (who looks so familiar...hmmm...) becomes her best friend and together, they meet others who all decide that the Wizard in Oz will make their life better. 

Dorothy is so much like all of us. We all begin with a naivete inside of us. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Until we get there and see it really isn't much different from where we came from. Yet, adventure and new happenings keep our interest until we have enough information to make a wise choice as to what we truly want to do with our life. Dorothy bravely sets out to find the answers and in an ending that screams simplicity, we are right there with her when she realizes that her beginning roots make her who she is. No matter where we travel or what we do, our beginnings good or bad; will dictate our choices.

The scarecrow is affable and loving. Very wise beyond his straw brain's capacity. He wants a brain, but doesn't realize that common sense goes far beyond the synapses of a genius.

The tin man is sweet and childlike. Crying at anything upsetting, he captures our hearts with his youthful outlook on situations. He wants a heart but he doesn't realize that children possess the biggest hearts possible.

The lion wants courage. He has been beaten down quite a bit in the forest. Little does he know that when the time comes to protect those we love, the courageousness comes down from inside of our belly and we have super human strength we never knew about.

The witch is evil, yes.  However, she is smart, cunning and powerful.  Don't we all have a little bit of her in each of us?  Too bad she didn't use that power for good, or had to avoid bathing like the plague.  Wonder how it smelled in that castle with her and all of those flying monkeys hanging around?

Sweet Dorothy; seeking the answer to life!
Sweet Dorothy; seeking the answer to life!
The truly wise scarecrow; who really didn't need a brain...he was smart already!
The truly wise scarecrow; who really didn't need a brain...he was smart already!
The innocent tin man; with a sensitive soul who really didn't need a heart; he was loving enough.
The innocent tin man; with a sensitive soul who really didn't need a heart; he was loving enough.
The cowardly lion who truly was afraid but found the courage when he really needed it.
The cowardly lion who truly was afraid but found the courage when he really needed it.
Our favorite villan we love to hate.  Just don't invite her over for a swim.
Our favorite villan we love to hate. Just don't invite her over for a swim.
The four friends on their journey.
The four friends on their journey.
Emerauld City, here we come!
Emerauld City, here we come!

 As mentioned before, we often search to find a better life.  We want things that we feel we don't possess.  Little do we know, we most likely already have the important things that can maintain our success stored deep inside.

When  the foursome (and also little Toto) reach the Wizard, they are intimidated by an image that roars and thunders at them.  Toto reveals that it is an ordinary man, pretending to be powerful and wise.  Kind of like real life.  We look at others and wish to have their gifts and talents, yet we haven't even unlocked our own potential most of the time.

This is the message that The Wizard of Oz sends to me.  One is most powerful when they love themselves, use their gifts wisely and find a way to work with others.

 Dorothy realizes that she had the power deep within all along to return home.  She actually didn't need Glinda, the good witch but wow, it was great being visited by a gorgeous and good witch of the sisterhood! 

Dorothy and the others are confused.  How are we able to attain this "power" she spoke of?  Glinda merely states that we have to learn about it on our own.  Thus, our failures and learning lessons from them.  What a great lesson to be teaching through the miraculous venue of a movie!

 There's no place like home.  Home doesn't have to be where you grew up.  It doesn't have to be with people that abused you or drove you into the ground.  No.  Home is the place where you feel loved.  The place where people are that accept you for who you are.  If you are fortunate, it is the place where blood relatives preside.  If there are none, make your home a place of safety.  A place you can hang your hat and rest.  A place that brings you happiness.

For Dorothy, her safe place was with her Auntie Em and her extended family.  I did always wonder as a child however, what would happen to little Toto when that nasty woman found out that Dorothy was back.  Maybe Auntie  Em found her inner strength to bite the woman herself!


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