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Westerners that become celebrities in Asia

Updated on May 13, 2015

A lot of people think multiculturalism is limit to the west, but in reality things are very different.

Benjamin Schwartz

(US, Taiwan)

After coming to Taiwan, Benjamin Schwarrtz made it into the Taiwan reality TV singing show Super Idol. He made it into the finals, but didn't win. One year later, he was sign on to play a role in a soap drama set in 18th century China. His character, is an orphan that grew up in China, raised by his painting teacher that migrate to China, from Britain (during the 18th century, Britain was very poor, there was a lot of thief, due to people starving, which is why British start sending convict to Australia and there was a lot of orphans working in labor house. A lot of British migrate to other places if they can, most of them choose the new world America, however, during that time, China which was very prosper, got a lot of British migrants too, later during the 19th century, their decedents also fought the Europeans in the Chinese military) The show lasted for four season, but the end of four season Benjamin's character decided to return to Britain, to help push for democratic reform against King George.

A video of Benjamin Schwartz on Super Idol

Corina Chamberlain

(Australia, Hong Kong)

Corina Chamberlain parents are from Australia. Herself is born and grew up in Hong Kong, so she consider herself more as an Asian, then a westerner. She is a Hong Kong singer and comedy actress.


(Ukrain, Taiwan)

Larisa started modeling back in Ukrain when she was 16, when she is 24 she came to Taiwan and got a role of a Taiwan romantic comedy. Afterwards she stayed working in Taiwan. A few years ago, she formally past the citizenship test and become a Taiwan nationalist. This year, she is getting married to her boy friend.

Christine Welch

(Taiwan US)

Christine Welch came to Taiwan as an oversea student, studying a postgraduate degree. During this time, she post video of herself singing on line and received a great deal of hit count and people loving her singing. After graduating, she got a recording contract with one of Taiwan's leading record company, that also sell in all of South East Asia and managed major stars, including Jackie Chan.

Sharon Balcombe

(US, Hong Kong)

Sharon Balcombe is the daughter of a missionary, from the US, born and grew up in Hong Kong. After married, she continue to work in the Christian community in Asia. Despite Christian rock have a very small market in Asia, due to the small Christian community, her songs went beyond Christian community and went mainstream.

(Russia, Korea)

This girl I am not sure what her name is, married her Korean husband and moved there, she start off with minor role on TV and now is a TV sitcom actress.


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