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"Westworld"- An Insight

Updated on August 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered what would it be like if we mixed the western genre with a sci-fi? It would be a disaster, wouldn't it? Furthermore, it would be a disappointment to fiction itself. Imagine two cowboys facing each other in a shootout and at that instant a spaceship jumps in for one reason or another. An alien descends and does whatever aliens do and plot extends on and on and on... Stretch the boundaries of your imagination and think what may have happened. Stretch it as far as you can... Nothing pops up in the head, right? Or even it does, it may be as bizarre and boring as our monotonic life is. Well, what if I tell you there is such a series which disproves all these aforementioned notions and pulls out of these mismatched genres, a story as enticing as there ever could be. Enter "Westworld", an adaptation concocted by Lisa Joy and none other than Jonathan Nolan, brother of the accomplished director Christopher Nolan, whose movies we adore the most.

From the pilot, "Westworld" catches you on the hook, reels you in, and as you delve deeper, you may experience the urge to binge-watch it. The storyline is brilliantly woven, there is every element a popular soap opera needs. There is thrill, suspense, drama, romance and, to justify its western origin, violence and gore. It is an action packed thrilling ride. The scriptwriter has written the script so terse and insightful that one may begin to question his truer self. For instance, there are storylines happening in the present and the past; unable to undergo detection. In certain instances, I felt as if I was on the path of introspection rather than on that of enjoyment. Some of the peculiar dialogue excite some inner meaning a lost soul would like to hang on to. The script raises questions a mankind has been wondering for ages such as the purpose of our existence, the depth of our conscience and limit of our desires.

From the production house of series like Entourage, Game of Thrones and countless others, HBO presents "Westworld" and keeps up the inevitable hope that one would never be disappointed in it. When I turned on the pilot, the HBO logo came up and, by default, my mind expected the GOT theme song next. Instead, a different score came up in my headphones and to my surprise, it turned out to be catchy as the former. Eventually, the series' theme song replaced my default configuration though remnants are still there.

The series cast is also selectively perfect. Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton and the rest have done a commendable job. In my opinion, if you enjoyed movies like Memento, Inception and Interstellar, this series is a definite recommendation.

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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 8 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      This is an amazing series. I cannot wait for season two. I enjoyed this though provoking show. I need to see the original movie that the series is based on. Great review. I love the opening credits for this series as well.