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"We've All Been There!"

Updated on September 4, 2010
"We've All Been There"  Alex Band
"We've All Been There" Alex Band

Alex Band/AMB Music Label

Could be 2010's best.. Awesome CD!

Debuted on Billboard Magazine's Heatseekers Albums Chart at #42 within just 2 weeks of its release!

The former lead singer/songwriter of "The Calling," Alex Band, is finally back in the limelight on the music scene, and WOW~ trust me when I tell you: his unmistakable great voice, and his new songs are even better than ever! (Alex is best-known for his 2001 Meg-hit song called, "Wherever You Will Go!" This same song was named as the Number 1 Song of the Decade on Billboard Magazine's Adult Pop Chart at the end of 2009).

Coming at a time when the current hurting Music Industry is in dire need of some help, Alex Band's new 14-song CD is an extremely potent shot-in-the-arm of much-needed Music Adrenaline! Band's refreshing sounding new music is "just what the Music Doctor has ordered;" the perfect remedy to help the Music Business to get back on its feet.

In addition to that, there's great news here for consumers too: "We've All Been There" is a music lover's dream-come-true CD! This disc is fully loaded with excellent music and it's reasonably priced too, so for a change~ buyers get more than they pay for! Moreover, every single song is great as there isn't even one "Junk Song" on it. Yes, that's right~ you're not imagining this, and this is not a misprint either. This is really true: There are no boring filler songs on this disc!

The fact that it's taken Alex 5 years of hard work & stress in order to produce this CD, makes it quite obvious that he doesn't believe in putting out "Crap" just to take up space so that the product can be rushed & quickly marketed in order to make fast money. Band is a true artist; one that cares about his reputation. He has deep respect for music, and most importantly, he's someone who truly respects his fans and himself!

The songs on this CD are so moving & inspirational, that even an android or a character like Startrack's "emotionless" Spock would have to see their beauty and be touched by them!

As far as I'm concerned, "We've All Been There" certainly has the potential to enjoy the same kind of success that Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" album had way back in the late 70's. History shows us that after its release during 1977, "Rumors" went on to hold the #1 spot on Billboard's top 200 chart for 31 consecutive weeks. Most Music Critics of that era attributed the album's great success mainly due to the fact that it produced one hit single after another, (4 of them to be exact), and back then, no one foresaw anything like that happening.

Be that as it may, here in 2010, a person does not have to be a Psychic or need to have a Crystal Ball in order to foresee the possibility of 4 or more hit singles coming from "We've All Been There." The first single from the disc, "Tonight," recently was # 31 on Billboard Magazine's Adult Pop Chart, and it's currently #96 and moving up on the magazine's European Top 100 Chart.

"Without You," the follow-up & 2nd single off of "We've All Been There," was released to US radio during the last week of August, 2010, and it is being raved about by radio station program directors & DJ's.  Moreover, this U2-like sounding song, has also been winning landslide victories in radio station voting contests by listeners when put up against other new songs by other well-know artists.  Indeed, this song ought to do very well as it is very Radio Friendly!  

There are at least 5 other songs from the CD that also have a way better-than-average shot at becoming chart-toppers too! Songs such as "Will Not Back Down", "Never Let You Go", "Euphoria", Please", and "Only One," certainly all are excellent hit-single candidates because they are all good, great sounding, well-written & well-performed songs. These easily memorable songs will definitely have listeners finding themselves walking around humming their pleasingly haunting, strong, unforgettable hooks after hearing them, and speaking from experience; I can certainly attest to that!

Known for his heart-felt, soul-searching lyrics, it's very obvious that Alex is wearing his own heart and soul on his sleeve via this great CD because lyrics from its songs display tons of things pertaining to his private life. Songs such as "Leave", "Without You", & "Forever Yours" give an inside look at his love life, while songs such as "Please", "Love", and "What Is Love", certainly seem to explore his personal relationship with God. "We've All Been There", "Holding On" and "Start Over Again" obviously reaffirms his faith of being able to overcome all the obstacles that the Recording Industry has thrown at him; which it certainly has.

Getting this incredible 5-years-in-the-making, long-overdue CD out has not been an easy task for Band because his music career had been in limbo; held hostage by Major Record Labels due to contractual agreements that the artist made 14 years ago, back when he was just 15 and didn't know any better! In addition to that, the direction that the big labels wanted him to go in musically, was ridiculous as far as Band was concerned; certainly not in his best interests, nor what he wanted. Therefore, in order for him to take back control of his own life and his music career, he had to spend several hundred thousand dollars of his own money to buy back the rights to his own music just so that he could release it to the public and perform it live. After the buyout was completed, Alex formed his own Record Label, AMB Music.

Officially released on AMB Records in the United States on June 29th, 2010, "We've All Been There" is now available for purchase online at iTunes,, Target, and Best Buy; and also in the store itself at FYE, Borders, and at various other music stores all throughout the United States.

Note: For now, The CD has only been released in the United States, but according to Band, it will be released world-wide sometime during September, 2010 on the EMI Record Label. However~ The disc can be purchased anytime from everywhere throughout the world by visiting Alex's web site:

This CD is a "Must" for all music lovers, so do yourself a favor: Don't miss out on it! "We've All Been There" by Alex Band ~ Request it on the radio and Buy it now!

You wouldn't like it if they stole your hard-earned-pay, so don't you steal theirs!
You wouldn't like it if they stole your hard-earned-pay, so don't you steal theirs!


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    • profile image

      Gino De Lucia 6 years ago

      Thank you~ glad you enjoyed the articles! Spread the word: "ALEX BAND ROCKS!"

    • profile image

      Textured Ideas 6 years ago

      Hey Gino! Thanks for the links. Glad that you're spreading the word about Alex! I like this line "held hostage by Major Record Labels" haha he literally was. Great read thanks.

    • Gino DeLucia profile image

      Gino DeLucia 7 years ago from New York/New Jersey

      Thank you Ran, and yes,it certainly did come from the heart! Besides of my knowing Alex & occasionally spending time with him, I'm a huge fan too, and I can assure you that he really is an awesome person. Therefore~ Spread the word: ALEX BAND ROCKS!

    • profile image

      Ran 7 years ago

      What a great review ! It comes from the heart :)

    • profile image

      Bokerao 7 years ago

      Amazing review. I bought the CD at and there's no doubt: IT'S AMAZING!!!

    • Gino DeLucia profile image

      Gino DeLucia 7 years ago from New York/New Jersey

      Yes Allen, I agree with you on that, and "Please" and "Leave" could easily become hit singles too. Like I said~ The entire album's awesome!

    • profile image

      Allan 7 years ago

      Alright, but I also think "Forever Yours" could be include in those "possibly next single hit songs" ;)

    • profile image

      milena 7 years ago

      Yeah!! This is a "MUST". It's a piece of art, an incredible cd! All the songs are wonderful and you can't choose a favourite!

    • profile image

      becky 7 years ago

      loving my new alex band cd!!!will not back down fav.!!!