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What Are The Top Five Season One Episodes Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Updated on February 19, 2014

Season One - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The First Season Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!
The First Season Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

She Is The Slayer!

Into every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer!

The Petite Blonde Who Can Kick Butt!

On March 10, 1997 the world was introduced to a small petite blond named Buffy Anne Summers on the WB. The television show was a mid-season replacement for a failed television show on the mentioned TV channel. When we are first introduced to Buffy in this television show she awake from a nightmare sequence in her new room in Sunnydale, California. Soon we learn that Buffy and her mother have just moved to Sunnydale due to issues that Buffy previously had at her old high school in Los Angeles. We are informed that Buffy had burned down the gym at her old school. Within the first episode of this series we are introduced to many characters that include; Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Rubert Giles, Cordelia Chase, and Angel. Each one of these mentions characters all grow through out the series.

Willow Rosenberg, is first introduced as basically the nerd type who is basically the lowest person on the popularity chain. This is evident with the interactions between Willow and the character of Cordelia. We learn that Willow pretty much is the smartest girl around. She knows a lot about everything including subjects in school and computer technology. Buffy befriends her and soon it is evident that they become best friends.

Xander Harris, is basically the class clown or the goof. He is immediately attracted to our young hero Buffy. We can see this when he first sees her he falls "head over heels" for her and falls off his skateboard. Xander and Willow have been best friends for many years and this is evident with all the history that is slowly brought up through the seasons. Xander soon becomes and ally of Buffy and even at the end of season one helps save her life so she can defeat the big bad "The Master."

Rubert Giles, is very British and very proper. We learn that he is Buffy's new watcher. A watcher is basically a guide to help the slayer train and defeat the forces of darkness. This character is played by Anthony Stewart Head, and in case none of you knew this man is actually a pretty talented singer and I recommend you checking out other works he's been in including Repo! The Genetic Opera. I digress and go back to the original point. When Buffy first meets Gile's she is not to thrilled. Once she left LA she believed that the vampire slaying is a part of her past that she would not have to deal with anymore until she goes to the library and finds the "librarian" Giles waiting for her with a book titles "Vamypire." Although at first these two characters did not hit it off right away, through the series we find that these two form a very close bond one that can be deemed a father/daughter type of relationship.

Cordelia Chase, the popular one. When Buffy first arrives to Sunnydale Cordelia tries to befriend Buffy because she believes that she must be cool seeing as she is from LA. Although at first she tried to befriend her, she soon changes her opinion of Buffy and no longer wants to be her friend since Buffy started forming relationships with Willow and Xander, her two closest allies. As the series progresses; however, Cordelia Chase's character goes through a lot of problems and I would even go so far as to say that her character grows the most.

Angel, the dark broody vampire with a soul. When we are first introduced to this character we do not know much about him. He is just the mysterious guy that seems to know about Buffy and wants to help her with the vampire problem. Soon we find out that Angel is a vampire who has been cursed with a soul. Buffy and Angel soon form a relationship and are very attracted to each other, I would even go so far as to say that these characters are soul mates,

Season one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer puts all these characters through many trials and tribulations. There is never a dull moment in Sunnydale, California because it is the Hell Mouth. Below the library we learn that there is a mouth to hell. This basically is a path way to hell and many creatures can escape from it to torment Sunnydale. We also learn that this is one of the main reason that there is so much vampire and demon activity in Sunnydale.

Below is a list of my top five episodes of season 1!!!

Season One Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  - The Complete First Season (Slim Set)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete First Season (Slim Set)

If you would like to add season one to your personal collection at home. Here is a link to buy it at I would highly recommend that everyone should at some point watch this series. What better place to start then season one! You won't regret watching it!


#5 Welcome To The Hellmouth (1X01)

This episode was the first episode to air of the television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This episode is somewhat different then the original pilot that was sent to the studios due to minor cast changes. This episode by far was not the best episode of the first season but it gives us a lot of information. In my opinion, the first episode of any television show is never the greatest but without the first episode we would never learn needed information about the back ground of a story or characters would not be introduced to us properly.

The first episode we are introduced to Buffy Summers, Sarah Michelle Gellar. She is introduced as a dainty girly girl. However, we learn about her past in LA and that she is a vampire slayer. One girl in all the world who has the power and strength to stop the forces of darkness. We learn that she is the main character and that the show will revolve around the issues that arise from her fight against the darkness.

We are also introduced to many other supporting characters. In this episode we are introduced to Angel who in this episode gives Buffy a cross that has become a main symbol associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also informs her of the upcoming vampire harvest.

Season One Cast

Willow, Buffy, Cordelia, Xander
Willow, Buffy, Cordelia, Xander

#4 Angel (1X07)

This episode is definitely one of my favorite episodes in season one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The reason this episode is probably one of my favorites is because it is an Angel episode. Meaning this is the episode where Buffy finds out the truth about Angel. In this episode Buffy and Angel are ambushed by three warriors that the master had sent after Buffy. During the ambush Angel is injured and the two escape to Buffy's house so she can help mend the injured Angel. The next night Buffy kisses Angel and he snarls and reveals his vampire face and escapes through her window. Giles after this does some research about Angel and finds out that he was once a very feared vampire but now shuns the vampire kind and helps fight them. Later in the episode, Darla cons her way into the Summer and feeds a little on Buffy's mom making it appear that Angel tried to feed on her. Soon the episode leads to Buffy and Angel fighting in the Bronze and soon Darla is added into the mix. By a change in the winds Angel ends up killing Darla, who we know was the vampire that originally made Angel a vampire (a lot more about Darla and Angel is revealed through BTVS and Angel). At the end of this episode Buffy is wearing the cross that Angel originally gave her in the first episode of this television show. Soon Buffy kisses Angel and as she walks away it is revealed that the cross has scorched Angel's chest, basically metaphorically saying that Buffy is now in his hear forever.

The Buffy/Angel Story

Buffy Poll

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#3 Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight (1X11)

I had a hard time deciding weather this episode would be number three or number two but I decided that this episode would fall in as number three on my list of top five episodes. In this episode we discover that Cordelia is trying to become May Queen. We can kind of see that Buffy somewhat misses her old life because she reveals that at her old school she to was there definition of "May Queen." In this episode an invisible girl starts to attack Cordelia. Soon Cordelia comes to Buffy looking for help because she thought that Buffy might be part of a gang. As the episode progresses we learn that the actual invisible girl is a real person who simply just one day disappeared because no one would pay any attention to her. This invisible girl, Marcy, does not like Cordelia because of the way Cordelia treated her before she became invisible. Buffy and the Scoobies help Cordelia as much as they can. Through a conversation with Buffy it is revealed that Cordelia even though she is extremely popular feels like she does not have a real friend and that she is extremely lonely but she would rather be popular then be physically alone. As Cordelia is getting dressed for the dance she is kidnapped by Marcy and taken to the Bronze. Soon Marcy has Cordelia tied up and cuts an injury on Cordelia's face. Buffy soon is able to figure out where the invisible girl is and pushes her into a curtain so she can see her while they fight. At the end of the episode as Cordelia is being freed two FBI agents dressed in suits come and take the invisible girl to an FBI location filled with people of similar issues.

This episode is one of my top picks for this season because it shows deep down that Cordelia is not as self centered as people thinks she is. It also shows that people in different situations can feel the same way. For example popular Cordelia, no friend Marcy, and Buffy with good friends can all feel alone for one reason or another.

The Chosen One

Buffy Anne Summers
Buffy Anne Summers

US Viewers Per Episode: Season 1

Welcome To The Hellmouth
March 10, 1997
The Harvest
March 10, 1997
March 17, 1997
Teacher's Pet
March 24, 1997
Never Kill A Boy On The First Date
March 31, 1997
The Pack
April 7, 1997
April 14, 1997
I, Robot...You, Jane
April 28, 1997
The Puppet Show
May 5, 1997
May 12, 1997
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
May 19, 1997
Prophecy Girl
June 2, 1997


#2 Nightmares (1X10)

I chose this episode because to me this shows something that everyone needs to understand. No matter how strong you are everyone has fears. In this episode, all peoples nightmares that they have start to happen in Sunnydale. Basically, in this episode everything that is creepy and crawly and spooky happens. This has spiders, clowns, stage fight, abandonment, unstudied tests, and people being changed to vampires. This also falls high on my list of favorite episodes because the big bad in this episode isn't a demon or a vampire it is an actual person. It shows that there are evil people in the world.

In this episode there is a boy who has been put into a coma after a little league game. We learn that all these fears are occurring because of this. The boy appears to Buffy while he is in a coma and informs him that he scared of someone and that the person is strong and mean and bad things happen because of him. The episode progresses and we see all the characters fears come to life for them.

Xander's fear of clowns is revealed and he is chased by a clown that was at one of his early Birthday parties.

Willow stage fright is revealed.

Gile's fear of Buffy dying and him not being able to protect her is revealed.


Buffy's fear of being abandoned by her father and fear of turning into a vampire is also revealed.

The main characters figure out that this is revolving around the kid in the coma so they go to the hospital and help the kid confront his fear of the ugly man.

Once the kid faces this fear he wakes up and the nightmares go away. Soon the kids little league coach comes to visit and it is revealed that this man is the "ugly man." After losing the little league game he beat the boy and put him in a coma.

#1 Prophecy Girl (1X12)

This episode is by far the best episode of season one. If all the other episodes do not get you hooked on this series you will be when this episode plays. This episode is the season finale of the first season. This episode makes me cry every time Buffy "quits." In this episode we learn from a book that Buffy will face the master and that she will die and he will rise. At one point in the episode Buffy overhears Angel and Giles talking about this prophecy. She laughs and Giles and Angel confront her about this written prophecy. Giles tries to explain to her that there is no way around it and she says shes found a way...that she quits...she quits slaying...and that they can find someone else to stop the master. At this point Giles says he doesn't think that any one else can. Buffy says "I Don't Care." At this one moment we can truly see what Buffy is she is nothing more then just a 16 year old and that the weight of the world is too much for her. I mean what 16 year old would take the news that they were going to die in a better way. This scene in the library where this occurs breaks my heart every time I watch it. The emotion that Sarah Michelle Gellar puts into this scene is beautiful and she is able to fully show the innocence and feelings of Buffy. As the episode progresses Buffy is in her room looking at old photos and her mom reveals that she bought Buffy a beautiful dress that she can wear to the dance that is occurring. The music that plays while BUffy is trying on the dress is beautiful and helps set the tone for the episode. By the way the music that is in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is very beautiful and able to help express the feelings of the scenes that are going on. Soon Buffy is informed that Willow needs her. She goes and sees her in the dress at Willow's home where Willow informs her that these was a massacre in the AV room at the high school and that it really got to willow seeing all the people she knew that are dead now. During this moment Buffy realizes what she has to do. She has to stop the master. Buffy returns to the library and recovers her cross necklace and knocks Giles out who has made up his mind to go after the master. Soon Buffy is lead to the master by the Anointed one, a vampire child. The imagery of the church that the master is trapped in underground is also very interesting imagery and very interesting set. When Buffy arrives there the Master drinks from her, escapes his pirson and she drowns in some water, and is technically dead for a minute or two. Soon Angel and Xander find her and Angel informs Xander that he can't give her CPR because he doesn't breathe. Xander is able to be the hero and give Buffy CPR to bring her back to life. Soon they head out after the master who is trying to open the hellmouth under the library. A fight between Buffy and the Master occur on the roof seeing as he's confused that she is alive saying that it was written that she would die. She kills the master by throwing him on a broken table through the sunroof.

This is a great episode full of emotion.

Prophecy Girl

"Giles I'm 16 Years Old, I Don't Want To Die"
"Giles I'm 16 Years Old, I Don't Want To Die"


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