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What Are The Top Reasons We Enjoy Watching Shameless?

Updated on February 27, 2014

The Gallaghers: America's Favorite Dysfunctional Family

America's Favorite Dysfunctional Family!
America's Favorite Dysfunctional Family!

Shameless Shows The Strength Of Good Friendship!

This is evident with the friendship relationship between Fiona and V her best friend that lives next door to the Gallagher's. She is often seen discussing issues and problems with Fiona about the family or her relationships. When you come from a less then stellar family you look and have an urge for these kinds of relationships. It's basically what I would call a pseudo family relationship. When you come from a neighbourhood where family units are constantly on the downfall for one reason or another you start to see that people begin looking for stronger relationships with outside influences particularly friends.

Even though this is a minor sub sub thought from the article I am writing but this is why some people are much more susceptible to joining gangs. It is not because these peoples are looking to do illegal activity but it comes from the break down of the family unit. When you are not getting the love and attention from your parents and family you begin to look for that love and acceptance somewhere else. This is why children join gangs. They are shown and given a feeling of belonging. This is something a lot of these children are missing in today's society, a strong family relationship.

However, if someone can find a good and healthy friendship they are able to over come feelings of abandonment and get the feelings of being cared for. This is shown through the friendships and that V would do a lot to help the Gallagher's if need be.

The Setting South Side Chicago: A Shameless Neighborhood

When we are first introduced to this family we are introduced to more then just the immediate family that live in the house, but we are also introduced to a wide range of characters that live in the neighborhood. It is safe to say that each one of these characters live their own "Shameless" life. As of right now, the only character that I would say is not Shameless is the youngest of the Gallagher clan, Liam. The only reason he hasn't been Shameless yet is because he himself is still a young toddler.

The father of all the main character's is Frank Gallagher. He is quite the Shameless character. He himself is a drunk/ alcoholic/ drug addict who does not seem to care about anyone but himself. This is evident with his disinterest in his children from the oldest Fiona to the youngest of the clan, Liam. This character is often seen passed out from alcohol or drugs and his children do not seem to care for him because he has never cared for them. The character that seems to always be taking care of the Gallagher's is our protagonist Fiona Gallagher.

Fiona is whom I would define as the main protagonist in the Shameless series. Many of the episodes focus on the things she has to do to take care of her brothers and sisters. Or, the situations that she is often put into due to her family relations or just the neighborhood she lives in.

If this was an article that was describing the character that are in Shameless this page would keep going on for quite a long time. If I get started with describing all of these characters it may take me all night to explain all of them. Make sure to check back in the future for articles on specific characters of the series. Anyway, I digress and bring back to the topic...the neighborhood.

The neighborhood that this family lives in is full of other Shameless characters. From the bartender at the Alibi room to the sex crazed teenage daughter of family down the road...

Some Of Us Can Relate To The Gallagher Clan!

If any of you have every had that one person in your family who is just a mess constantly and can no matter what seem to get on the right path in life then watching Shameless will defiantly be relate-able for you.

If you have ever been put in a less then stellar situation where you had to make a Shameless decision for one reason of another. Then you personally can relate to most every episode of Shameless.

If you have ever been put in a situation where you had to work your butt off just to get by then you can relate to Shameless.

The reason I believe this show does so well is that on many different levels people can find a way to relate to them.

Personally, I come from a less then stellar family and we have gone through many ups and downs. Not to the extent that the Gallagher's go through but we have been put in situations with a family being torn apart due to parental usage of drugs and alcohol. I come from a back ground where I can mostly relate to Fiona and understand some of the things she does. Why she continually strives to keep the family unit together. Because for some people out there all you have are your brothers and sisters and you have been there for them more then a parent has been.


Everyone's A Little Shameless!!!
Everyone's A Little Shameless!!!

It Makes Me Feel Better About My Family!

I would say the main reason I enjoy watching Shameless is because it makes me feel a little better about my own family. It makes me think that sure my family has their problems but it is nowhere near the amount of problems that the Gallagher's seem to be facing weekly on their show.

It makes me think that even though I don't have a huge relationship with my parental figures at least they aren't Frank Gallagher. Frank Gallagher very rarely shows any concerns for any of his children. The only times it appears that Frank is interested in his children is when he himself needs help with something. He is never the father that would help his children accomplish something and he will never be the father to help his children with their homework. Hell, he is rarely available to do anything with his children because he is either drunk or high all the time.

It makes me happy about the relationships I do have with my family. I love my Dad, he may be no saint but he isn't a Frank either. I love my relationship I have with my sisters and grand parents and no matter what they are their for me.

My family maybe a little dysfunctional but it would never be to the point of the Gallagher's.

Time To Meet Steve! Season 1 Clip From Shameless!

Season One: Shameless!

Shameless: Season 1
Shameless: Season 1

If you haven't watched Shameless before I highly recommend that you start with season 1. It will give you an introduction to all our favorite characters and it will show you an insight on how people live a Shameless life. It will introduce you to many characters that you will care about including; Fiona, Lip, Debbie and all the other Gallagher kids. And it will introduce you to the worse dad known to history: FRANK GALLAGHER!


Gallagher's Galore!

Who Is Your Favorite Gallagher?

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Shameless Makes Me Happy To Be A Strong Woman!

Watching Shameless there are many characters in this show but particularly the main protagonist in this show is Fiona. It is shown that she works her butt off to keep her family together. She works many meaningless jobs to make sure the bills are paid and that there is food available for the kids. Although, lately her character too seems to be on a downfall but I am hoping after last Sunday's episode she starts to get her character back to the place she belongs, being a strong woman who is willing to fight to take care of and protect her family.

I will be honest, since the beginning of this current season of Shameless I have not been a real big fan of Fiona. She seems to have lost the sight that she is all that her other siblings have. She is the only one that cares for them and is determined to help them succeed in one way or another.

I am still hopeful that the Fiona from the past seasons will come back and keep the Gallagher family strong and together as a family unit!

Gallagher's Know How To Get By

They Know How To Survive!
They Know How To Survive!

Shameless Gallagher Poster

Shameless (TV) - 11 x 17 TV Poster - Style C
Shameless (TV) - 11 x 17 TV Poster - Style C

If you love the show Shameless add this poster to your collection. This poster shows the Gallagher's is a fairy tale version of what their family should be. This poster is absolutely beautiful having the character of Fiona in a Snow White costumer. However, we all know in Shameless there are no happy endings!


South Side Chicago!

The Way Of The Gallagher!
The Way Of The Gallagher!

Shameless Is A Remake!

That's right in case none of you knew Shameless is remake from a British show. The major difference between the original show and this show would be that the Gallagher's here are American while the original family was British and lived in England.

Also, the pilot episode of this show brought in 982,000 viewers which was HBO's highest premier since "Dead Like Me" in 2003.

Shameless: Not A Fairy Tale

Life's No Fairy Tale For The Gallagher Clan!
Life's No Fairy Tale For The Gallagher Clan!


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