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What Are You Doing?

Updated on March 23, 2009

Someone once told me their parrot continually asked, What are you doing? It would ask whenever they came home; whenever someone else came through the door; and apparently, whenever there was even a slight change of movement in the room. "What are you doing" - 100+ times a day...

That whole idea seems to have caught on with social sites requesting that exact question - almost as if that were the purpose. You click onto Facebook for example: top of the line, front row and center, What are you doing right now? Let all your friends in on what you’re doing at the moment!

I can understand if you want to announce what you’re going to do and extending an invitation, or what you just finished doing and want to share it. But are you ever tempted to simply say, “Silly question, I’m looking at my wall on Facebook – isn’t that obvious?”

Or, are you ever tempted to respond with a less than honest answer? “I’m working hard!” (When really what you're doing is, well - nothing)

You honestly didn't want to do much of anything that’s why you headed to Facebook. Is chatting with friends "squat"?

Does anyone ever write: "Just daydreaming” Wouldn’t that be a little less than honest too as you tap away on the keyboard?

I saw a cartoon once with the little guy lying in a wagon. His brother came and asked, What are you doing?” To which he responded, “Nothin’”. “OK” said his brother, “Come on in and have lunch”. To which his little brother replied, “I will, just as soon as I’m finished.”

Think I'll stare off into space and daydream

Nuts... It's a rerun
Nuts... It's a rerun

Do you ever think, “NUNYA” (short for “none of your business”)?

Bet you’re thinking right now, “trying to glean some wisdom out of this Hub – so far I’m not having any luck”

Is there a point here?
Is there a point here?

does it push any buttons for you to be asked "What are you doing?"

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So many of us have pet dogs that might as well all be called “Shadow” because they follow us around with that continual look, “what are you doing now?”

Well, what ARE you doing?
Well, what ARE you doing?

And isn't it true, we're forever trying to figure out what kids are doing since they seem off in an imaginative world of their own much of the time - figuring out something I guess.

So we're raised with being asked a million and one times at least, "What are you doing?"

What IS she doing?
What IS she doing?

If you’re frustrated attempting to find out how something works and you’ve just taken a break to calm down, do you write, “frustrated as heck – don’t push your luck by asking”?

Or how about when you have so much to do you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start – so you do nothing. What are you supposed to say then? “I’m sort of procrastinating all of it because I don’t think I’ll ever get it all done”. If you typed a list (as would probably be easier so you could check things off as you go along), the time it would take to type that list almost seems like procrastination anyway because none of it is actually getting done...

I'm disillusioned with apathy
I'm disillusioned with apathy

OK, OK, so you want me to get to a point?

(How unfair of you - YOU weren't doing anything either) We'll ignore that - I do actually have a point...

Is Joey's voice from "Friends" running through your head too? "What are YOU doin'?"

Someone recently sent me the mini clip of Mark Gungor's comedy routine with the difference between men’s brains and women’s brains.

Watch first - you'll love it... that is if you're not doing anything....

I'll share my probably VERY original point after you watch \/

All I could do – besides laugh hysterically at the truth he revealed so eloquently – was think, as a woman,

(sorry ladies, I realize most of the time we’re thinking, “You poor men – too bad you can’t connect everything” or something like that)

my point is: “I WANT A NOTHING BOX TOO!”

And thus, I shall not connect anything, nor remember anything – and rush away to do… NOTHIN’

What are YOU doing?


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    • SEM Pro profile image

      SEM Pro 9 years ago from North America

      Thank you Hilltrekker! As an awesome master writer, I ALWAYS appreciate your input!

    • SEM Pro profile image

      SEM Pro 9 years ago from North America

      Hey Lisa - glad you had the time to check it out (lol) As I wrote to you on Facebook: maybe we can start a whole new women's movement "Guilt free nothing time"!

    • hilltrekker profile image

      hilltrekker 9 years ago

      VEry interesting. I enjoyed reading it and going through pics

    • profile image

      Lisa Arellano 9 years ago

      Great story-- NOW I am beginning to understand and I agree.... I want a nothing box!