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What Are the Most Watched TV Shows in the World?

Updated on October 7, 2012

The U.S. Presidential debate had a US audience of around 60-70 million, that is about the same amount The Beatles had in 1964 when they first arrived and debuted on Ed Sullivan for $3000.

In America, the top TV show remains American Idol, in Canada, it is Survivor: Philippines. In Japan, it is a short 15 minute morning show called, Cute Little Dr. Ume. A show about overcoming intellectual problems of a woman that eventually became a doctor. It is a story that resonates with Japanese because of success and trouble in that country (the tsunami, the earthquake, the nuclear problem, bad economy). In China and France, the top show is The Voice, which Americans also have high on their list because the judges must have their backs to the singer as they perform, taking their appearance OUT of the equation. This forces judges to only listen to their voice. I think this is a good thing. The same format in both countries is used. But, the show lost some credibility in China when a singer who claimed to be a peasant girl from a village was actually a veteran of Beijing's music scene.

If you visit India, the top show is, "We Are Like Lamp and Wick". Okay, an odd title for a family sitcom where the woman wants to be a police officer but her father forces her into a forced marriage with an uneducated man. This stops her college bound dreams, or does it? In Germany, a TV show that has been on the air for 30 years still is the German top show called, "Wanna Bet That?". Contestants make bets by performing bizarre tricks and the loser must perform embarrassing moments. The show often has famous American movie stars or rock stars. The show is also often hosted by the same stars. The stunts are pretty whack and viewers vote for a winner from the competitors. Some of the stunts can be dangerous if they fail, last season, a man jumping over cars with spring-loaded boots failed and was paralyzed. Next door in Italy, the top show is, "Strip the News". This is a parody on the world news, once could say a, Saturday Night Live-type show, at times. The women often dance in a provocative position but sorry, there is no stripping. Finally, in England, 10 million watch, "Downtown Abbey", the "The X factor" is equally watched.


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