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What Does 'Love On The Brain' By Rihanna, Tell You? Are Rihanna And Chris Brown, Back At It?

Updated on December 20, 2016

In 'Love On The Brain By Rihanna; Are You Told That Rihanna Has Soul?

In 'Love On The Brain By Rihanna; Are You Told That Rihanna Has Soul?
In 'Love On The Brain By Rihanna; Are You Told That Rihanna Has Soul? | Source

'Love on the brain'; by Rihanna. All the secret things that it says! Chris brown and Rihanna back?

Well, how much of our senses do we apply when we listen to a song?

I think, we all listen to songs differently. The concepts that our brain process; the depths we reach when we listen to a song are different and I feel, may have a lot to do with our stories; events that we have touched within our lives.

People may easily go to the fun part of a song; 'how much it makes them groove'. Some people are critical and want to instantly out-pick words in the song, that they can call corny; abandoning the concepts; the context and how these words are said; the background choice of beat behind the song etc.

No blame! Like I said, soul is not forced. There is a story involved and if not sheer genes; soul is felt!

In the Philippines for instance, they will ask me, why is it that when you; foreigners sing; it is different. Gosh, Filipinos can skin a song; they can dead sing but they still feel that when an R. Kelly sings it comes out differently. They feel something different but they don't know where to place it or how to define it.

So imma talk for self a bit as we all hear different things and are taken to different places when we listen to a song!

'Love on the brain', by Rihanna. Yes, you can groove to it; slow-wind to it a bit; Jamaican feel or something; high-life but that song does contain lyrics too. Some fresh concepts about life, live in it!

Or perhaps news?

Rihanna back with Chris Brown? Is Chris Breezy getting on her soft side again? Isn't it possible?

'Forgive the battering', is sometimes possible in love, I tell you! It depends on what your eyes have seen. And especially you and your man, if you have gone from rock bottom to summit together, you indeed may be able to 'forgive the battering' and love like crazy still!

Many times, it is 'intentions', not the act that's paramount to look at! Life is one crazy concept!

'Love on the brain', is crazy possible! Chris Breezy and Riri, on the brink of 'potentially back as couple'; very possible! I mean, she dissed Drake's kiss advances recently. Perhaps, 'Chris-Breezy-type-love', on the brain!

Love is one intense thing. I hear people say it, like it is one light word. It isn't!

When you listen to this song, you can feel it. You come to understand things better. Yes, it takes you to those places, where you start to understand, how 'a son can tell his mama; "I have been away for 4 years and I miss you like crazy but I can't come back to see you empty-handed. I have to return with news; goodnews; for I carry my dreams and yours".

You listen to this song and it's arrangement and it takes you to those places.

Oh you smoke cigarette and we are couple and I fight you to stop and I want to leave you, for I don't want a future where I can't grow old with you, because you liver is having issues.

Or "I don't want to get married yet even though i love you so much, because i am still in hustle state and I don't want you and our future kids to taste suffering".

In life we need to open our eyes and ears. Use these senses to the fullest. What I am saying? "Love on the brain"; teaches!

Gosh, it even inspires! Put that headset on again and listen. I live in a nation, there is not one hug or pat on the back ever. Gosh, in Philippines, that is luxury! Each person is in merry state. They don't know of the existence of other emotions, so how can you ever get a warm handshake ever?

If I had my headset on for instance and I am humming or winding to 'love on the brain' for instance, they'll go; "Terry you are happy; you are enjoying", gosh when I am so dying inside. Who here, can perceive that I may have turn to a song for solace from depression or perhaps, to get fired up for tasks ahead in a nation where not a p'int of inspiration' exists!

Or they'll go; "Rihanna! Are you gay?" and I laugh inside; "are you half the man, Rihanna is?"; in my mind, when I look at this Pinoy men.

"Love on the brain", BY RIHANNA; does incite inspiration. I don't want to break down the music; song; as i prefer that you listen to it and songs in general, in new ways!

Her wailing is no ambulance! It is felt; soul is told; story is told; it is defined; has conviction. These combined will inspire any hustler.

Get inspired! From me to you. You are everything! You certainly are worthy of or deserve the very best!

'Love On The Brain'! After Dissing Drake's Attempted Kiss. Is Riri Possibly Looking At Chris Breezy Again?

'Love On The Brain'! After Dissing Drake's Attempted Kiss. Is Riri Possibly Looking At Chris Breezy Again?
'Love On The Brain'! After Dissing Drake's Attempted Kiss. Is Riri Possibly Looking At Chris Breezy Again? | Source

Start Here At Rihanna's Billboard Music Award Performance Of 'Love On The Brain'!

What Exactly Do You Hear Upon Listening To 'Love On The Brain', BY Rihanna?

How many of your sense do you apply when you listen to this song?

How many emotions are brought to life?

How much do you learn from listening to this song?

Does Rihanna have soul, how do you know from watch her performance and listening to 'love on the brain'?

My Very First Hub And Far From Perfect!

I left some of the capsules as they are thus, feed your eyes. My message therein however, is clear!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      I Told Beyonce 

      23 months ago

      yes sherry, thank you alot. you words are sweetness. you told alot about yourself. you do have soul too! n for you to admire her body revealingly tells alot about you too. you are also very pretty. my first hub and it got a nice comment. i am glad! i dont know how hubpages work yet well enough!

    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 

      23 months ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      I think she does have soul. She has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful body. I hope she is taking care of herself.


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