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What The Cast Of "Salute Your Shorts" Look Like Today!

Updated on June 20, 2015

You know how every once in a while you sit back and think about a show you grew up watching? Well more often than not, whenever I do this, I suddenly realize that the show itself went off the air twenty plus years ago! I grew up on Nick, and rushed home every day to watch "Salute Your Shorts," and "Hey, dude!" ( I, personally favored SYS. We know everyone had to have a favorite.) So, I used some of my powers as an investigatory journalist, (AKA, Google.) to track down some information on our favorite Campers!

Kevin "Ug" Lee - Kirk Baily

As a camp counselor, Kevin was constantly the victim of Budnick's pranks. Even though he was a little controlling, his sheer love for Camp Anawanna was unmistakable. Since the show ended, Kirk Baily lead's a pretty cool life. He's guest starred on Star Trek, 90210, and Felicity. His career seems to be focusing mostly on voice. He did some work on Disney's "Frozen," and has a long list of anime shows on his resume.

Dina Alexander - Heidi Lucas

Dina was the token bratty rich girl. Looking the way she does now, you'd assume her career has taken off! It did, but in a slightly different direction. Heidi is now an attorney, She's married and lives in California. It's safe to say though, that Dina still is a looker!

Robert "Bobby" Budnick - Danny Cooksey

Budnick was the original bad boy. Really, he was more of a pain in the ass. I remember being really confused seeing his as John Connor's friend in T2, but then realized it made sense. He was kind of a delinquent anyway. Danny had also done quite a bit of work in Voice, working on many cartoons and video games. In 2013, Danny began working in a band named Shelter Dogs.

Donkeylips - Michael Ray Bower

Budnick's better half, Donkeylips could always be counted on for comic relief. Michael has been working steadily for the past 26 years. His last movie, Dumbells, was just released in 2014. He played Erwin. He's REALLY active on social media, and making surprising guest spots on TV shows, vlogs and podcasts. He's kind all over the place, but he's definitely kept busy. (There may, or may not, be a music video on youtube with him in it. You may want to check it out when you don't have kids around.)

Z.Z. Ziff - Megan Berwick

The original tree hugger, Z.Z. was always on the lookout to help the environment. The rest of her cohorts were usually never super-enthused to help her, but often joined in. Megan stopped acting shortly after the show ended. (She only did one more thing, a t.v. movie about that cheerleading mom that murdered... yikes.) but she did end up graduating from Stanford, and works for a nonprofit. I guess there was a Z.Z. in Megan, after all!

Telly Radford - Venus Demilo

Telly was the Tomboy with an attitude. She was a pro at pretty much anything athletic. (Ironically, the only one out of the whole camp with any sort of athletic ability at all!) Venus had a pretty successful television career after the show ended. She had recurring roles on both Family Matters, and Sister, Sister. As of today, Venus works at a talent agency.

Ronnie Foster-Pinsky - Blake Soper

Ronnie showed up in season two. He was the confident, cool kid. Within minutes into his first episode, he was butting head with Buddnick and immediately trying to take control of the group. Typical "A" personality type. Does he look familiar? He should! He's made guest appearances on lots of your favorite T.V. shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As of current, Blake (who now goes by Blake Sennett) is concentrating on his music career. He released his EP with his band in 2013, called Guilty Pleas.

Sponge Harris - Trevor Eyster

Called Sponge because this brainy kid absorbs knowledge like a sponge absorbs water, this brainy camper was always the one to whip out his laptop and solve dilemma's like the camp's very own search engine. Trevor became and emancipated minor in 1996, and still pursues acting. His most recent role being on Season 9 of Bones. He played "Wesley Foster."


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