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What Ever Happened to the Music Of Yesterday

Updated on January 7, 2011

The Music I Grew to Love Is It Gone?


What ever happened to the music of yesterday when you heard the soulful sound of real music pouring through the radio waves? I grew up listening to Music from Motown along with other rising record labels even though at the age of 4 or 5 it’s not exactly what you want to hear.

Where Are The Real Artists?


Growing up listening to my parents’ kind of music a large majority of them being love songs, I learned about life and love at the same time. Actually I still listen to this music through my CD collection as if it never disappeared from the radio. Sadly but true when you turn on the radio to many of the most popular stations the young artists coming through are very disappointing and the music really makes no sense at all.

Artists like Beyoncé Knowles or rap artists are what the kids of today are growing up listening to. Beyoncé Knowles does have a good voice but it’s really not her strength when she has to shake her butt on stage all the time or in music videos to catch ones attention. Many female artists of yesterday had only to stand on stage and use their vocal skills to draw a crowd.

There was hardly any rap music around back then and that’s a really good thing that I didn’t get a chance to grow up listening to someone calling females all kinds of terrible names or rapping about selling drugs and sex. Kids these days are in confusing times because while some parents are trying to raise their children with morals many of the idiots in the rap business are doing their best to mislead them and it’s working. Have you ever noticed that not a single rap song in 2010 didn’t reference something sexual either by words or those female video vixens dancing around half naked?

This has been on my mind for a while now and that’s why I decided to do this hub. Although there are a few artists like Alicia Keys who can compare to the artists of yesterday many other artists are just brands for some major corporation to put out there to make money and they really have zero talent but again if you’re a child you see what they want you to see until you’re old enough to understand what’s real.



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