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The 'What Film To Watch?' question

Updated on March 27, 2013

It is a difficult question. A hard question. But what is it?

We have all found ourselves asking 'What film shall I watch tonight?'

We've all been there. Bored at home. All you want to do is sit down with a good movie.
But which movie.
Over the next 6 months, I shall attempt to answer that question.
Below, we have a selection of 50 movies which I have carefully selected. I shall go through every film, and tell you what it is about, what sort of mood you should be in to watch it and is it worth it.
A link shall appear, linking you to my review, once I have seen said film.
So lets get started, with number 1.

This expedition into the world of cinema shall be structured in the following way:

Number on the List

Name of the Film

What I expect from i and why I choose to watch it



1) Grindhouse - It has a girl in it with a rifle for a leg.....I'm in.

2) The Man From Earth - Great reviews, interesting concept.

3) Garden State - Great reviews, hopefully with an inspiring and thought provoking message.

4) Waking Life - Just watch the trailer, the art style looks unique and one of a kind.

5) Oh Brother Where Art Thou? - A comedy that seems 'worthy' of the name.

6) Assassination of a High School President - Who isn't pulled in by that title? And Bruce WIllis has proved his caliber as an actor.

7) The Ides of March - I have an interest in politics and I like Ryan Reynolds & Clooney.

8) Uncertainty - Unique, Inception-esque concept.

9) Dark Shadows -Probably not very intellectual but one day during the 6 months, I'll want an easy light film I can turn my brain off and watch.

10 ) Trance - Danny Boyle is one of Britain's greatest directors, lets see he can do with a film about time, reality and starring James McAvoy.

11) Guardians of Ghul - Jeremy Jahns said 'surprisingly good time' and was in his top 10 of the year.

12) Legend - Often rated as one of the best fantasy films.

13) Haywire - Ryan Gosling is always good in films, I always enjoy seeing him.

14) Silver Linings Playbook - One of the big films of 2012, and it's a rom-com. Right up my street.

15) Cemetery Junction - I don't know what it's about but the poster makes it look clever, vintage and something to enjoy.

16) Skyfall - It had strong reviews....will this be the film to convince me Daniel Craig will one day be in a good James Bond film?

17) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - A film about time, memory and starring Jim Carrey.

18) Castle in the Sky - I like some anime and this has great reviews. Also, it has pirates and 'pirates are cool'.

19) The Rum Diaries - Johnny Depp's tribute to his friend Hunter S. Thompson. He actually searched through Thompson's possessions to find this story. If Depp went through that much effort to even get this film made, surely there must be a lot of effort put into this film...surely it's good?

20) The Dictator - Sash Barren Cohen is always unique and controversial...but often funny.

21) City of God - As someone with a strong interest in Latin American culture and history, I owe it to watch Brazil's most successful and best received film. It also won more awards than most semi-decent films.

22) There Will Be Blood - All I know it is a well reviewed and regard fill about oil, greed and set in Texas.

23) LA Confidential - One of those films people often refer to but you don't know about.

24) The Godfather - You can't be a cinema-phile and not seen the Godfather, lets rectify that.

25 and 26) Mind Game and Ghost in the Shell - Well regarded anime's. Knowing very little about anime, I might as well start with two of the best.

27) True Grit - Highly regarded cowboy film.

28) The Last Airbender - Hopefully a light hearted fantasy which may appeal to my inner child.

29) Midnight in Paris - Having never seen any Woody Allen films before, yet heard lots about him, I thought I should find out why every talks about him. So why not start with one his best recieved films?

30) Snow White and the Huntsman - The trailer makes it look like a dark more magical LOTR outing. Wanting to give it a go despite it's bad reputation.

31) The Adventures of Tintin - Loved Tintin as a child and am up for some well directed reminiscing.

32) Rise of the Guardians - It is apparently The Avengers but with fairly tale characters....sounds good.

33) Master and Commander - My dad wants me to see it.

34) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Was on the 'most underrated films of all time' list.

35) Ghost Town - Apparently a light hearted but well executed comedy.

36) Invention of Lying - The same as above but with a focus on the nature of lying sounds good.

37) Pulp Fiction - I have a poster of it on my wall, I need to see it. Also, I hear it's dialogue is unparalleled.

38) Cloud Atlas - Phenomenal trailer. Looked epic, intelligent and glorious with it's use of cgi.

39) Fright Night - Stylised lighthearted horror with Colin Farrell

40) Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy - Intelligent spy thriller

41) Spawn - Old time superhero film, not by Marvel or DC...hopefully unique and with a different take on the traditional story. Also, reently found it in a list of the world most underrated films.

42) Mystery Men - Only seen clips of it which were nice and funny. Lets watch the whole thing.

43) Wreck it Ralph - Well reviewed film about video games, appeals to my inner geek.

45) Jackie Brown - Still haven't made up my mind on Tarrentino so I want to watch more.

46) Apocalypse Now - Heralded as one of the greatest films around.

47) 2001 - Heralded as one of the greatest sci-fi'saround, and I like sci-fi's.

48) Hannah - Sounds like silly fun and Mark Kermode (BBC film critic) speaks of it fondly.

49) Public Enemies - It's a film about gangsters but in a more modern, less gritty way (should appeal to my shameful bias to modern films).

50) Argo - It won so many awards, lets see what thats all about.

51) Prometheus - It kicked up a fuss when it came out...and I missed it.

52) Real Steel - Reviewers are pleasantly surprised, I'd like to be surprised.

53) The Spirit - Interesting cinematography and cartoon style.

54) Black Swan - So many good reviews, but I've not seen it yet!

55) The A Team - Massive part of pop culture that I've never experienced.

56) The Big Lebowski - Advised to by a friend. To quote them 'It's @%£$ing brilliant!'.

57) Cabin in the Woods - The film which transformed the horror industry.

58) You Don't Mess With a Zohan - Looks like silly fun.

59) We Need to Talk about Kevin - Dark, morbid and fascinating...hopefully it should spark my interest.

If this list of film has tickled your fancy, then follow me for future ones, or take a look at previous Hubs such as:

And as always,
If there is something you want to mention,
Leave a message in the comment section.


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    • Hazzabanana8 profile image

      Hazzabanana8 4 years ago from Southern Realms of England

      Thanks for the update.

      Of course it is flexible, I shall be adding in a few more in the coming days. I intend to be uploading reviews in batches as well.

      Interesting you should say that as I am just about to watch the Godfather II.

    • profile image

      PJ Van Galen 4 years ago

      This is a really cool hub! I'll be following it for the next couple months.

      Great choices, too. The ones from last year (Silver Linings, Skyfall, Argo, etc.) are all really great. 2012 was one of the best film years of the past decade.

      Midnight in Paris is an excellent place to start with Woody Allen, by the way, though I do recommend you seek out Annie Hall, as it's his claim to fame. Midnight will make you love everything about Paris, Literature, and Owen Wilson's Nose.

      Also, I can't see you watching The Godfather and then not wanting to watch the Godfather II, which leads me to a question: is this list flexible?