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Which Godzilla Monster Are You?

Updated on December 11, 2018
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy enjoys reviewing cinema and television when not working as a chemist.

Which monster are you?
Which monster are you?

Godzilla Kaiju

For decades we've been enjoying Godzilla films that feature colossal kaiju, or giant monsters. Whether Godzilla saves Earth or destroys it, audiences can't get enough of our favorite giant lizard.

But have you ever wondered which monster suits you the most? Godzilla himself? The agile Gigan, or three-headed King Ghidorah? Today we'll take a quiz that'll determine your inner behemoth! Afterwards, feel free to share your results and view some beautiful kaiju artwork.

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Which monster are you?

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Other Results

Hope you're satisfied with your behemoth! If you'd like to read and see artwork of the various monsters, I'll list them below for you:

Godzilla, King of Monsters
Godzilla, King of Monsters


You are the mighty King of Monsters. You are large and incredibly powerful, and have defeated dozens of opponents. Your bulk, strength, and atomic breath obliterate almost any foe. You went through a phase where you used to terrorize Tokyo (awkward), but now you seem to defend Earth. You need to make up your mind on that. You live in the ocean, emerging from your home whenever Earth needs you. You have an incredibly dumb looking kid.

King Cesar
King Cesar

King Cesar

You are the prophesied King Cesar, a giant creature resembling a cross between a lion and a dog. Your allies, Godzilla and the citizens of Earth, can't decide if you look ridiculous or awesome. You are agile, but not the strongest monster. Still, it's pretty cool how you need to be awoken from a cave by having a Japanese lady sing-pray to you.

Your powerful eyes may reflect energy attacks back at their source, and you are part of an ancient prophecy foretelling two monsters that will save the planet from a foreign terror.

King Ghidorah
King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah

You are the nefarious King Ghidorah, one of Godzilla's deadliest enemies. You live to destroy, and are more than a worthy match for any opponent. You lack arms, but your three heads can tear enemies to shreds with razor sharp teeth. You shoot distinctive, yellow-colored Gravity Beams to dominate your adversaries. Your wings are strong enough to enable your massive body to fly, and can create mini hurricanes.

It took a whopping ten monsters to kill you in the movie Destroy All Monsters... but are you really gone for good?



You are the fierce Rodan. You were actually featured in your own movie before being integrated into the Godzilla series. You are an agile pterodactyl-like monster capable of flying at supersonic speeds and generating shockwaves.

You may be one of the smallest kaiju, but you demonstrate resistance to energy attacks. You are formidable, especially when you absorb radiation and morph into the golden-red Fire Rodan, where you become capable of firing powerful heat rays. Typically, you work alongside Godzilla to combat threats to Earth.



You are the menacing Gigan, a fiend working to help aliens conquer Earth. Instead of hands, your arms end in sharp hooks to rip enemies, and your chest contains a buzzsaw that further tears adversaries. You are agile and capable of flight. Your eye can fire a "Cluster Light Beam", a blast with short range but impressive width.

You are already considered one of Godzilla's most brutal enemies, and you often cooperate with fellows villains like King Ghidorah.



You are the steadfast Anguirus. You once terrorized Japan, but had a change of heart and now defend our world. You walk on all fours, and possess numerous sharp spines on your back that both protect you and impale foes. You are a crafty fighter, able to see through disguises, and willing to retreat if necessary.

You may not be the most powerful monster, but you are courageous, and surprisingly dangerous with your ferocious bites, scratches, and tenacity. You even possess a sonic roar capable of obliterating tanks. You proved a worthy companion when you aided Godzilla in a tag-team fight against King Ghidorah and Gigan, and serve as Godzilla's closest friend and most trusted ally.



You are the terrifying MechaGozilla, a giant robot duplicate. You have attempted to conquer Earth, though later versions of you actually defend the planet. You are made of the hilariously named Space Titanium, and your vast arsenal includes powerful eye beams, a laser fired from your chest, and missiles launched from your fingers, kneecaps, and toes. You may fly using jets on your feet, your head may rotate to attack foes from all angles, and you can even generate a force field.

You are arguably Godzilla's strongest enemy. You can't quite match the King of Monsters in brute strength, but your weapons and technology more than make up for it.

The Future of Godzilla

Though several of his movies release only in Japan, Godzilla's popularity has expanded overseas, largely thanks to the success of 2014's awesome film. With its positive reception and sequels on the way, the future looks bright for the King of Monsters, and I'm optimistic we'll see more fearsome Kaiju before long.

But for now, share your results and I'll see you at our next Godzilla exploration!

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


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    • Kedan Pentia profile image

      Kedan Pentia 

      22 months ago from London

      My favourite kaiju has always been King Ghidorah. I took the quiz and I found out I was King Ghidorah all along. My name is Kedan Pentia and I approve this Hub! This was awesome. :D

    • profile image

      Godzilla PlaysYT 

      2 years ago

      This is a good quiz

    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Glad you liked it, Robert. In the future, I'll do another similar quiz with 6 or so new monsters, and they'll probably be on that one. So will other familiar faces such as Megalon, Jet Jaguar, and a second version of MechaGodzilla called Kiryu.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      5 years ago

      The quiz was fun. Any reason why Gamera and Mothra aren't on the list?

    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Very understandable, Keith! Godzilla's pretty awesome.

    • Keith W Johnson profile image

      Keith W Johnson 

      5 years ago

      I pretty much cheated to get Godzilla because... you know, GODZILLA! :-)


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