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What Happened to Don’t Die Cindy? Did The Organic Band Just Die?

Updated on October 6, 2010

Don’t Die Cindy was a popular band a few years back. It appeared to be into a successful musical group. And then it seems like the band just kind of dropped off of the face of the earth. Their Facebook Page has posts from fans but nobody there seems to know what happened to the band itself. The band’s MySpace page says RIP. And the band’s official website isn’t even worth linking to because it’s been taken over by some strange online gambling blog. It’s too bad because this band was a band that seemed to have a lot of potential.

If Don’t Die Cindy had to be summed up in a single word, the word that best fit this progressive art space rock band was organic. This word, with its multiple layers of meaning, touches at each and every level of what the band was about. From the way they developed their songs through trial and error to the fashion in which they embraced change and all the way to their impact on the world around them, Don’t Die Cindy’s organic approach created a sound that was honest and touching.

The common-use definition of organic is a grassroots approach to life that encourages simplicity accepts change. A love for variety and the growth it allows was at the heart of the band’s passion for touring. With situations always changing, Don’t Die Cindy was open to constant creativity. They embodied this with an organic approach to making music. Something straight out of life itself would inspire the band and they would toy together with sounds and words until the piece was complete, adapting to changing circumstances. For example, when their keyboardist left the band, they locked themselves in a room for three weeks and learned to play the keyboard together.

The scientific definition of organic also applied to Don’t Die Cindy. Something organic is something pertaining to human life which is part of a bigger whole with an inherent organized structure (although the organisms within that structure may not see it). Additionally, organic means something that directly affects living tissue.

Don’t Die Cindy was a very human band whose lyrics touched at the core of emotional issues. The goal of the band’s music was to have fans leave their shows with that feeling in their gut that they had been affected in ways that they may not even quite understand. Don’t Die Cindy fits in to a very organic cycle of music. Inspired by influences including Sarah MacLachlan and Death Cab for Cutie, they developed a sound of their own. This sound, in turn, influenced the fans who heard their music, fans who they loved to interact with every chance that they got in order to further this cycle of human connection.

In the world of art, organic has yet another meaning which is the suggestion of nature within images. The band’s second album, Most Imperfect Skies , reflected this final meaning with images of a girl sitting on a couch framed by trees. In true organic fashion, this image links to liner images which hold meanings of group consciousness relating to purity and the difficult choices that we go through in life, wondering if there is a greater spirit or purpose to guide us. Dealing with very human issues was at the core of what Don’t Die Cindy did.

The thing that is great about an organic band is their continued change and development. Don’t Die Cindy’s long-term goal (to become financially self-sufficient with their music) was broad enough to allow them to work together to grow with their fans and within the greater organism of the music world around them. And yet, the band seems to have disappeared. The music business is definitely a tough business so it’s possible that they just succumbed to that over time but I’m definitely curious to know exactly what it was that happened to them.


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    态万方 7 years ago

    Sorry, first time use. Does it mean if I comment,I become a follower?

  • DeathStroke profile image

    DeathStroke 7 years ago from Im just around..

    That was a wonderful written hub, but i guess Cindy and her band did die : /. Sry RIP.

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    alishaneuron 7 years ago from Colorado (U.S)

    Thank you that you accomplished the good enough issue close to this topic.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your well written hub.

  • readabook profile image

    readabook 7 years ago from Texas

    I have not heard music described in this way before. I am trying to learn more about music in general as both my children play instruments and I don't know much about music. Very informative hub.