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What Happened to Monday? Review

Updated on August 22, 2017
4 stars for What Happened to Monday

What a bleak movie this one was but what an awesome one it was as well. I'm surprised as the Netflix films haven't been so great with the terrible Adam Sandler productions to Iboy. Most of these original films are just throw away films with no originality. However, some films like Okja slip through the cracks and are actually really good films. What Happened to Mondy is one of them. It has an interesting premise to start with most of the world on the brink of collapse.

Overpopulation has caused the government to issue the 1 child act (same like in China). However, in this "post-apocalyptic" setting they freeze the child until the world can become better. The film follows 7 twin sisters as they were snuck away and lived within the confines of their house. Each one having the name of the days of the week. Monday, Tuesday, and so on. When they Monday goes missing and they get discovered, the 6 other sisters have to fight their way to survival and possibly uncover secrets along the way.

The film may put some people off by the violence of the film. It is highly violent and somewhat unconventional with the sisters (can't say because it is a spoiler). The main idea around the film is that governments are bad. Yes, this has been done before, but not like this and I found it fascinating. Noomi Rapace plays all the twins and demonstrates why she's one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. She put on a performance that's not Oscar worthy by any means but a damn fine job. She has to convey 7 different people with 7 different personalities and it is a very underrated performance. Also, the special effects are also spectacular.

The movie revolves around these 7 sisters with only one actress. The way they seamlessly blend Noomi Rapace into each frame was very well done and never looked terrible. Luckily the effects these days allowed it because this film could have looked really badly down. Also, the sets in the film were spot on, conveying a gritty "post-apocalyptic" city with government run checkpoints. Never felt like they were on a set and never felt cheesy.

The script was also well put together. Never did the film drag or the pacing felt off. It felt refreshing to see a "post-apocalyptic" film that wasn't dull and boring. The story of the film was a little cliche with a chase thriller that constantly tries to find out the secrets within the world. However, the director did a great job as utilizing the screenplay into his movie by not making it over cheesy. This could have been a disaster if the film wasn't grounded and felt real. The high tech in the film looks like it could have been straight out of real life. Also, the story doesn't go a cheesy route by having unnecessary characters motivations (except maybe one scene). The film always felt like this could really happen.

Overall, I'm highly satisfied with the film and really surprised. Didn't see this coming out of a Netflix film at all. The trailers looked good but never wowed me ever. HOwever, this highly original film is both great and brings an interesting message. It draws the line between humanity and what's "the right thing to do." I recommend this to anyone who likes the genre. If you don't, there are still things to love in the film.


The special effects are really great.
The special effects are really great.

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