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What I Did Today ! - I Went To Landsberg, Germany

Updated on April 23, 2013

Landsberg, Germany

Greetings traveller!

Today I found myself visiting Landsberg in Germany. If you find yourself near this area I would say you should visit the town and the walkable surrounding areas!

Enjoy the pictures, video and perhaps.. The words that follow :)

"How was the trip?"

The day I had was pretty good. The weather held and there was no rain during my whole visit. Mind you, the visit was only for three or four hours. I was glad all the same.

The clouds were looking threatening all the way to Landsberg, you can see this in the video I have added below. (Have you noticed how clouds look the nicest when they are the most threatening?)

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and walk, the website and the names of places sort of oversold Landsberg's man made attractions. It could have just been down to the season, though. Who knows? The nature all around was very nice but the naming of certain things I feel was a little bit of a let down. 'Witches Tower' sounded pretty awesome. Sadly though, it was just a normal looking house that had just been built a little bit thinner than the other houses and had no information as to why it was called what it was.

'Witches Tower' also had nice little things in the window like the other houses. Perhaps a nice witch lives there? Perhaps someone who works for the town's tourist office has an ex mother in-law there? Who knows? :)

Take a walk in my shoes, and see what I saw...

Random pictures from the day

Click thumbnail to view full-size

All in all..

A lot of the restaurants and cafes seemed to be closed or just serving drinks. OK, so when I arrived it was around three in the afternoon but it still felt odd to see cafes closed on mass.

There were plenty of cake and sweet delights on offer though but I only allowed myself to indulge in an ice cream. It was mint, it was great and it was cold outside.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of Landsberg and I was glad to see that it was not hugely overcrowded. It was quite easy and common to find yourself walking through the streets, forest or beside the river and only hear the sound of voices in the distant or pass the odd couple. I liked it.

A question...

Do you think the video was too long?

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    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 5 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      It was nearly a year ago that I was there. I know what you are saying about beauty being there permanently and then fading into the backround.

      Thanks for your visit and thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      George 5 years ago

      Perfect for a visit, living there it might be a bit much. Even beauty can lose it's beauty. Oh! I should say I visited there a few years ago. It looks exactly the same as I remember it!

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 6 years ago from Mexico

      Well, Landsberg looks like a clean, orderly, nice, spacious and, as you well stated, not crowded little town; characteristics that are all very much appreciated by your fellow traveler me. Thanks for sharing.