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What I Think Of The Evanescence

Updated on January 23, 2018
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Mamerto Adan is a feature writer back in college for a school paper. Science is one of his many interests, and his favorite topic.

I’m not into music during my high-school years. I’m not sure but I found it to be cheesy and soft. I got annoyed when people talk about their favourite singers, or hum their songs. One time I and several friends walked out of the gymnasium after this glee club member breaks to a song much to our annoyance. Yes, I hate music back then. Is it because I’m exposed to tired and endless love song ballads that I couldn’t even relate to? Or simply I don’t like boybands, the craze at that time? Once or twice my folks saw me as weird for my lack of interest.

But I heard them…

Maybe it’s just me, or rock music was a rarity in my place. But the creature of the night woke up as soon as the songs of Evanescence hit my ear. If music is the food of a soul, it got the right flavour. Apart from Linkin Park, another band of my younger days, Evanescence became my favourite! We are our music, and their songs dig deep unlike others.

Balance of Masculinity and Femininity.

If I will make a review of the Evanescence band, I will say their music is balanced. The balance I’m talking is the right blend of male and female elements. Again my exposure to various love songs made me see music as soft and girlish. The boyband songs on the other hand lack a certain level of machismo while I never liked overly hard rock. In the case if the Evanescence music, they hit the right mix this time. They are the musical version of Yin and Yang. For one thing they never adopted overly metallic rock beat. I mean honestly rock music is just fine until you overdo it. The Evanescence songs are hard enough to make your gears turn and gentle enough to the ears. And then there’s Amy Lee. I’m fond of calling her the Anti-Mariah and we will get to that later on. Her voice is the feminine essence of the tune, the one I will call the heart. Her emotional and girlish voice contrasts greatly with the aggressive roar of the guitar and drumbeat. They are two opposing elements that blended well into one unique alternative rock

Amy Lee: A Break From Tradition

The true Gothic princess.
The true Gothic princess.

I said before how Amy Lee is the Anti-Mariah. Their public images and their style of music couldn’t be so different. I’m not here to compare, as comparing the Gothic Princess to a music icon is like comparing a rose to a lily. They simply can’t compare! Yet finding a Gothic Princess is a breath of fresh air from the overly pretty singers that time. They are simply too many of them, and thank goodness for Amy Lee! And that time, the song world was infested with sexualized female performers. People will see no problem if they show a certain level of talents. The problem is talent starts to diminish and singers tend to rely on their skins over voices. We want to hear songs but we got strippers instead. Somehow Ms. Lee felt the same. She might be darker yet modest. She never wore revealing dress. It’s all about Gothic appeal and raw talent, nothing more.

Their Songs Are Deep

A screenshot from one of their music videos (Bring Me To Life).
A screenshot from one of their music videos (Bring Me To Life).

Again their departure to the usual love songs was heaven sent. They did played love songs but in the even deeper level, not just the usual boy meets girl thing. Being a mix of industrial, gothic, alternative, progressive and hard rocks, their songs covered wide arrays of themes. In one of their albums Fallen, the song Going Under is about damaging relationships. Bring Me to Life is about an unhappy relationship, Everyone’s Fool criticized slutty female idols and Whisper seems to denote a vision of hell. And who could forget the tear jerking My Immortal? It is very emo in its tone, a stark contrast to the dynamic Bring me to Life. One of my personal favourite, this is a song of despair, grieving the loss of a family member to the edge of insanity. Yup, this is the song of a spirit haunting you long after its death

I Could Relate to Their Music

Their music resonated into me more than the any songs at that time. I’m not the person who is into romance. You could tell by my choice of lifestyle and I hate it when people force cheesy romance into me. And to see those pathetic singers gyrating in their music videos and watch little kids emulate them is not a pretty sight. That’s why songs like Everybody’s Fool left a mark. I’m not an emotional person, but you don’t need to break into tears to appreciate My Immortal. People recall a haunting memory when they hear the song. In my case the song is simply me. As for the Imaginary, there are times when I want to escape this pathetic universe and build a world of my own. And being an amateur fiction writer, I appreciate the song’s imagery.

The Religious Messages

Amy Lee always denied that they are a Christian rock band. I could tell because they never addressed a specific faith (except in the song Tourniquet). Faith could be subjective and the message of faith could come anywhere. And although their songs like Bring Me to Life is all about relationships, the lyrics resonates to religious fans due to the messages it contains. The lyrics could be interpreted as a call for a new life in Christ. In my case it became the theme song of the Lenten season. I always play it in Easters, and it is especially relevant during Good Fridays. The lines like “call my name and save me from the dark”, “and kept in the dark but you’re here to follow me” makes perfect sense as a call for redemption.

As a Whole

This is a favorite album cover.
This is a favorite album cover.

The songs of Evanescence, together with Linkin Park hooked me into music unlike any other. After listening to an album, a goth awakens within me. But rather than heading to a depressed and toxic life, their songs seem to help me mature. That will be another article though, and as for now I’m looking forward to their next album release. Rock on!


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