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What I love (and hate) about "The Walking Dead"

Updated on July 24, 2011
Zombies on TV
Zombies on TV | Source

With the unveiling of the new 4 minute+ trailer for AMC's "The Walking Dead" at Comic Con, I'm reminded of everything I love and hate about the show. I absolutely can't wait for the show to return, but, like last year, I expect to walk away from each episode with a vaguefeeling of disappointment. Here's the good and bad, as I see it:

The Good:

1. A zombie apocalypse--how can you go wrong?

2. The show stays true to the original Romero mythology, for the most part. No running, no talking, just staggering around eating people until they get beheaded.

3. There is a good mix of character types. There are problems with these too, as I'll detail later, but it's nice to see a wide cross-section of survivors.

4. The open-ended format of a television show lends itself well to this type of zombie apocalypse story. They've got time to go anywhere, try anything and basically test the limits of this reality, rather than stay holed up in a shopping mall or house.

5. They appear to have given the show enough of a budget to do real special effects.

6. There are some nice original scenes and stories (the horse, the heroes covering themselves in zombie guts, and pretty much the whole "Vatos" episode).

7. A zombie apocalypse--how can you go wrong?

The Bad:

1. Enough with the soap opera already. Yes, it's nice to care about the characters and backstories are nice, but in the end, I want to see zombies get shot in the head, not watch a cop struggle with his aggression toward women and suppressed homosexual tendencies toward his buddy that drive him to sleep with his buddy's wife and develop a hatred for his friend, because he is the embodiment of the feelings he hates in himself...You get the idea. Shoot a freaking zombie in the head.

2. Not enough zombies get shot in the head. I watched one episode where no zombies were popped until the final 3 minutes. Come on. I mean, come on!

3. The opening was a direct rip-off from "28 Days Later." I know, it was just the first episode and I should be over it by now, but they're lucky I even kept watching after that. It was so blatant.

4. A million vehicles abandoned in the greater Atlanta area and they hang onto the one with the leaky radiator?

5. Inconsistent acting. The lead is zombie-walking through the whole thing, while some members of the supporting cast are truly shining.

6. Story choices. I feel like there were a few episodes completely wasted where nothing of importance happened, then we finally get an interesting storyline with the CDC, and the freaking building blows up. Very disappointing.

7. Rednecks and cops low on guns and ammo? Come on. Really?


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    • The Taco Tagger profile image

      Jim Jimbo 

      7 years ago

      I disagree with your dislikes. Rednecks and cops having enough ammo is more of a stereotype. Considering that in the event of a zombie apocalypse you would want to pack light in order to move faster. I actually think you are missing the point of the whole soap opera thing. The whole point of a zombie movie has nothing to do with the zombies. Zombie stories are character driven stories where we are with these characters and we get to know more about them whereas the zombies are more of a silent character. It's why we are usually never given a real reason for how the zombie apocalypse begins. Granted I will agree that a little more action would have been welcome in the series, but I think that if you do that then you lose the essence of the zombie genre. The rest of the points I agree with.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      I'm really looking forward to this. Anyways, if you guys can't get enough of zombies, visit this hub of mine.

      Good hub btw.




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