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What I need to start Guitar?

Updated on June 11, 2017

Ready to start rocking it out?

What do I Need to get started with Guitar?

First and foremost you need a guitar! Duh! While there are many options on guitars out there; which one do you buy once you are starting on your musical journey? I recommend spending no more than $100 on a guitar. Right now it doesn't need to sound pretty. You can still play it no matter how much it is. You can always upgrade later.

Music Stand
I would suggest getting a music stand. It makes it so much easier to put your instruction material on. I’ve been there where you put the instructions on your bed while playing makes it really difficult, it’s like you are trying to do a yoga pose while trying to read the music or tabs whatever you are into.

If you like playing standing then you’ll need one of these. They are pretty cheap and they run from like $8 to who knows what now I would say $20 on a strap is going to be fairly good quality. You don’t need it but if you like to stand then you’ll be loving life with a strap! Who ever thought a strap would make you loving life so much?

I would recommend guitar picks, having a pick easily accessible is great. These are more personal preference as to the thickness of the pick. I don’t like them to thin or thick, again it’s personal preference but I really like .73mm. I still feel like it’s a flexible kind of thickness.

Now your guitar will already come with strings but the quality is usually poor. Now it isn't necessary to start guitar but it definitely helps. For a start I would suggest get wax coated light strings because it's going to be easier on your fingers. I go to any music shop and they can replace the strings. I find the is around $25 or you can learn how to string your guitar. It's up to you.

A capo is a little handy dandy gadget that you place on any fret on your fret board. This essentially creates a higher pitch of open strings. This is not necessary to begin guitar. However, it can help when you start practicing bar chords, which are not easy to do. So putting the capo on a lower fret can help you when you first start out with that!

Guitar Stand
A guitar stand is a necessity because I feel that if you have it in plain sight you will remember to practice. As opposed to keeping it in the bag locked away in the closet of Narnia. You can either get the one that’s on the floor or the one that you can screw to the wall. Plus if you have a hot date coming over and they see your guitar you are already winning with that one. Just a tip!

Instruction Material/Instructor
There are a gazillion of manuals out there for guitar along with a plethora of YouTube videos that can help with instruction of guitar. They give tons of exercises, don’t worry you don’t need a gym. The benefit is that it’s a lot less expensive than an instructor. The cons to that are you may be doing something and not notice it. You get hands on instruction which holds you accountable to practicing guitar. The average cost of an instructor can vary depending on where you go but I would say around $100 a month you be spending ( I had to through in a bit of Yoda here ).

Because a tuner just makes your guitar sound a lot nicer! It would not be pleasant if out of tune. Secondly a metronome is necessary because when you start learning music you want to stay on beat. The metronome helps you do that. They do have Tuners/metronomes or you can get them separately as well. I've heard of some pretty good guitar tuner apps. I've even used them they work just fine but it is nice to just to have on hand incase you lose your phone or drop it in the toilet ( that has happened to some peeps I know).

This one is not for sale. Do not be so hard on yourself when you are first starting out. You are going to sound like crap. Have that patience and that persistence to get in there and fulfill your dreams of playing guitar. If you are getting frustrated because you are not doing so well, take a break. Honestly I do this; especially while I was trying to learn Hey soul sister on the ukulele. I needed a break! It’s very beneficial to take a break when it gets to that point. If you are starting to hate, I would suggest stopping and take the time you need and get back into it. Listen to song to amp you up, dance around, watch a Hallmark video, take out the trash… anyways, you get my point just release and when you are ready jump back in, do it! You got this!

Learn How To Play Guitar: Beginning Guitar


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