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10 Shows I'm Addicted to on Netflix

Updated on November 27, 2019

I live for binge-watching tv shows, whether they're cartoons, dramas, or sitcoms. Thankfully, Netflix has a wide range of shows you can watch. Here's some of my favorites, so go grab some popcorn and chips and head on over to Netflix.


10. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This is a Netflix Original Series based on Lemony Snicket's book series. It's disguised as a series for children, but it's actually pretty dark. It follows the story of three smart, kind, and orphaned siblings who rise above "unfortunate events". The show stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, the orphans' mischievous uncle and I love it so much.

My mum first bought me the Bad Beginning book, which is the first book in the series, and it got me to reading the next and the next. By the time I was done, I realized I read 13 books. The story gives you a great realization that it's not about the struggles and burdens that life throws at you, it's about how you make the most out of every situation. And it reminds you that when you can no longer trust anyone around you, you still have your family.


9. Narcos

Narcos is a show based on the Colombian drug cartel and the notorious Pablo Escobar. A DEA agent joins the war on drugs to bring down Escobar's drug empire. The show can actually get you hooked. I started watching the show back in 2016. I got into watching it with my dad and the women, the drugs, and that massive wealth is just wow. Aside from that, I like watching it because it's somewhat relevant to the situation in the Philippines right now. President Rodrigo Duterte swore to rid the country of drugs in 6 months starting his term back in 2016. Sadly, it almost 2020 and what it's achieved is just a lot of extra-judicial killings.

Anyways, the show's pretty good and it gives you a documentary vibe. Plus, it's educational. It actually makes you want to root for the drug baron because it shows the drug war not just in the perspective of the "good guys" but also Escobar's.

8. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a horse who was in a very famous tv show back in the 90s. Currently, he's depressed, an alcoholic, and constantly sabotages himself. He has a cat for an agent named Princess Caroline. Todd is his best friend that lives with him. The show depicts mental health issues realistically despite it being a cartoon. It shows how even celebrities can fall down into a pit of despair and self pity.

Watching this show triggered me or contributed to what I was already going through. The lines and scenes were eye openers, sad, or sometimes comforting. I was pretty much sucked into Bojack's negativity. That's why I'm putting a trigger warning. When I watched this show after a year, when I was finally in a better place, it made me see the show in a different light. It made me appreciate how they depicted depression. They don't romanticize it, but they also take it seriously.

It's a nice show to watch, just take caution when you do.

7. How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM is a sitcom about a group of friends who live in New York trying to navigate through life. They all hang out at McLaren's Pub downstairs of where Ted and Marshall lives. It's such an ingenious show because the concept's unique. Ted tells his kids the story of, well, how he met their mother. Plus, there aren't a lot of plotholes unlike other tv shows.

This show was on top of my most genius/funny/amazing tv show for years. I've watched the whole series around four times. I know the scenes and lines by heart already. I was obsessed with getting more people to watch it. Unfortunately, as of the moment, I don't have strong feelings towards it. It's still one of the best shows ever. And nooo, I can't choose between HIMYM or Friends because they are both great shows in their own right. I guess the reason why it's #7 is because I'm still pissed that Barney and Robin didn't end up together. I'm sorry for the spoiler... oops.

6. Alias Grace

Alias Grace is a historical fiction show based on the book of the same name based on actual crime of in 1843. The show's only one season because they maybe they want to stay true to the book unlike 13 Reasons Why or other books turned into tv shows.

The story is about Grace Marks, an Irish immigrant who was involved in the murder of her employer Mr. Thomas Kinnear and the housekeeper named Nancy Montgomery. The show's aesthetically pleasing and pretty educational. It gives you an insight into multiple personality disorder as well. It gets you thinking whether Grace Marks was involved in the murder and just a pathological liar, was inhabited by her best friend's ghost, or had a mental disorder.

The best part is Dr. Jordan, btw. HIHI! But probably the best-est thing is Sarah Gadon's Irish accent. Spot on.

5. Reign

Mary, Queen of Scots, was crowned queen at the age of 6. Reign shows us her life as she grows up in France, far away from her home country, gets married to the Dauphin of France, falls out of love, finds love, goes back to her first love Francis, gets married to her cousin when she finally comes back to Scotland, and eventually gets beheaded in the end.

I was so pretty much addicted to this show because of the cast. They had great chemistry together and Catherine de Medici's relationship with the other characters is just so funny. The show keeps you on your toes. It's exciting because CW put more Gossip Girl-like drama into it. Sadly, that made the show historically inaccurate.

The best thing about the show, aside from Mary and Francis' love story, is the costumes. It made me want to cop every single one of Mary's or her ladies' outfits.

4. How to Get Away with Murder

I STAN A QUEEN!!! Annalise Keating is a lawyer and professor who is just the baddest bitch ever. She assembles a group of students to work for her and her associate Bonnie and they get caught up in all sort of illegal dramas. It's such cool show and I learned a lot of stuff especially since I aspire to become a lawyer myself. The show isn't exactly accurate or realistic as it leans more towards dramatic. Nevertheless, it's a good show that gets you informed, aware of your surroundings, and makes you think outside the box.

Oh and Connor and Oliver in the later seasons are just so adorbs!!!!

3. The Crown


Netflix just created this masterpiece. Claire Foy (my baby #1) plays Queen Elizabeth II and Matt Smith (my baby #2) plays her husband Philip. The show circles around the monarchy in Great Britain, the royal family, and the reign of Elizabeth as the new queen since her father, King George, passed away.

The characters filled their roles so perfectly especially Claire. How I love my precious queen. I learned a lot about how the monarchy today functions. Overall, I just love the show and I actually wanna be queen. Forget becoming a princess. I want to be a badass queen. The Crown stays true to the events that actually occurred within the royal family and the people around them. That's why I just love it!!!!

2. Friends

"I'll be there for youuuu, when the rain starts to pour. I'll be there for youuuu, like I've been there before. I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me, toooo."

If you watch Friends and don't sing along and clap along to the theme song, what are you doing? Friends is a classic sitcom about six friends living in New York. The ensemble cast is just perfect. Their chemistry is just perfect. The humor is just perfect. I wish I lived near Central Perk and Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, and Ross were my friends.

1. Gossip Girl

"You know you love me."

Gossip Girl is the best show ever. I know it's problematic and too dramatic, but that's why it's so numbingly good. An anonymous blogger posts gossip on almost everyone in the Upper East Side, mainly Blair, Serena, Nate, Chuck, Jenny, and Dan. The show gives you a glimpse of how the uber rich trust-fund babies live. It's like modern-day Gatsby. The glitz and the glamour make you want to marry a sugar daddy. JK.

Serena and Blair's wardrobes make me want to study hard, have a successful business, and get a good job. Blair's comebacks and scheming with her friends are hilarious and badass. Her relationship with Chuck is what keeps me coming back. Bottomline, I love Blair Waldorf.

So, go ahead and get your dog, your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend with benefits, regular friend, or just your pillow and netflix and chill.

Til next time. Love and light, lovelies. I hope you have a great day.



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