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Apple I-tunes free software dowload mp3

Updated on August 19, 2011

I use a Ipod Nano to play my mp3s

I've only got 17 songs on my playlist

Being a life long musician, I frequently use my Ipod to learn new songs to perform in my shows.

Download the latest version of Apple I- tunes free software here

As of today I have 17 songs on my I-Pod, most are songs I am learning for future shows, I will share with you the Artist who performs the song & give you a link where you can learn more about them from their website if you would like.

Please remember I am a country boy and where I live that is the kind of music we generally perform, although Bryan Muse does an amazing tribute to Elvis Presley when he performs with his full band the retro rhythm kings, I am the lead guitarist for that band as well, but we have been together for 15 years so there isn't any Elvis on my I-pod right now. anyway here is the list.

# 1. - 8 second ride by Jake Owens

# 2 - Do I? by Luke Bryant ( my favorite song on the list )

# 3 - She thinks my tractor's sexy by Kenny Chesney ( this one was requested for me to learn by a 6 yr old girl )

# 4 - She's Country by Jason Aldean

# 5 - Black Water - The Doobie Brothers

# 6 - Chicken Fried - The Zac Brown Band

# 7 - Toes - The Zac Brown Band

# 8 - She won't be lonely long - Clay Walker

# 9 - All Summer Long - Kid Rock

# 10 - Roll On - Kid Rock

# 11 - Love your Love the most - Eric Church ( this is my 2nd favorite on the playlist )

# 12 - I run to you - Lady Antebellum

# 13 - Need you now - Lady Antebellum

# 14 - Backwoods - Justin Moore

# 15 - When the sun goes down - Kenny Chesney

# 16 - In Color - Jamey Johnson ( my 3rd favorite off the list )

# 17 - Luchenback Texas - Waylon Jennings

I hope you enjoyed looking at my list and maybe I will see you at one of my shows soon

I would also love some feedback as to what is on your I-Pod or MP3 player or what artists you are listening to.


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Luke Bryan performing Do I?


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  • AngelaKaelin profile image

    AngelaKaelin 6 years ago from New York

    Boy am I out of the loop! Sounds like fun, though!

  • Apostle Jack profile image

    Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

    I see you are well into your music.To be able to make money from what you love to do is a blessing.I wish you well.