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What Is A Celebrity Net Worth? And, Why Should You Care?

Updated on December 5, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Hollywood Movie Business - A Capital Empire Of Great Magnitudes - Rolling In New Movie Making Talent All The Time - And If They're Worthy Of The Bet, Then They Too Can Grow Their Own Personal Wealth And Fortune
Hollywood Movie Business - A Capital Empire Of Great Magnitudes - Rolling In New Movie Making Talent All The Time - And If They're Worthy Of The Bet, Then They Too Can Grow Their Own Personal Wealth And Fortune

Before Hollywood, Net Worths Were Really More Of A Tax Attorney's Fascination, But Now They Are One Of Google's Most Searched Questions

Take a look at the best and brightest in the Hollywood net worth estimating business, a small little-known site, delightful in design and execution,

Really, another celebrity net worth estimating website, surely these are all bogus, forming their calculations based on random numbers, picked straight out of thin air. Proof, please? Yep, there is a lot of controversy around person net worth estimating websites, and truly, the most part is trash, absolutely 100% trash. However, do it right, and their estimations are as close to the real figures as they are ever going to get.

Suddenly, there is a mix of opinions, in exactly what the net worth stands for, and to sum it up, a person's (or, celebrity's) net worth is the total sum of money that they have earned after tax, and that equates to their yearly earnings (once submitted, estimating for money spent), bank savings, and physical or intangible assets (i.e. house/s owned, mortgage for house, dividends, etc.). Basically, the net is an accounting term, which prefixes the money that the person has actually physically held in spending terms, as anything extra, and the person is liable for tax penalties.

Celebrities, And The Fascination On Exactly What These Superstars Are Making In Bank Earnings Annually, A Foundation Of Which Has Made Forbes Magazine/.Com One Of The Top Sites From Around The Web

The answer, a damned lot of money, given that we are speaking about those celebrities who were the top earning famous people from a particular medium of entertainment.

Take Hollywood actors, in 2016 Kevin Hart, a well-known comedian and comedy actor (you may know this rather short comedian from such movies as, Get Hard, Ride Along, and Jumanji) who made a boasting sum of $70 million, and even after tax, that is a sure lot of green for your cinema ticket needs being fulfilled. Then, there was Dwayne ('the rock' - not that this really stands out anymore, in 2017) Johnson, a versatile action, comedy, and action-comedy blended actor who earned a whopping $65 million in 2017.

Check out the full list for the top 20 earnings actors in the world for 2017, as recorded by Forbes Magazine.

Even more Hollywood big bucks being made, as in 2017, a familiar Hollywood icon, known as Matt Damon, made $30 million from a single movie, and this movie was perhaps one of the most highly anticipated movie releases in years (literally, years), Jason Bourne.

The movie was good, but took the recent Bourne fans into a place of comatose, as this new spin-off movie, Jason Bourne, felt a tad to the side of cliche, in pretty much including every cliche scene known to thriller/action in Hollywood. A disappointment? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But, Matt Damon definitely made a wise career move in returning back to the franchise, as it seems his career in Hollywood is at an all time high in 2017. Matt Damon is demanding the big money, and his more recent starring roles, which include such movies as The Martian, The Great Wall, and Suburbia, will have all paid between $10-20 million per movie performance, making Matt Damon one of the fastest growing net worth stars on the planet in late 2017.

Introduction To Celebrity Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worths needs to be vast, and it needs to be continual, because the rule of money: is that a person needs to make more than enough money to cover their lively expenses, in order for their capital to remain substantial, and therefore meaningful, as otherwise they would be of no interest to the public opinion.

Say, Brad Pitt, or Morgan Freeman, these are two very well known, well established Hollywood movie stars, and have for no reason whatsoever been chosen because they were the leading star detectives in the thriller/mystery movie Seven, they have found their way into the golden room for household names, and because of this stardom, they require more money per movie performance, as their names and faces are publicly liked, and the psychology makes them bankable.

Brad Pitt, for example, is one of the easiest Hollywood stars on the planet to estimate his personal net worth in 2017, as he has left a breadcrumb trail ever since he first won the movie contract to be paid $100 thousand, a contractual payment that is easy to tear down in chunks to make the personal net worth earnings easy to make out. Lets skip ahead, ahead to 2005's Mr and Mrs Smith, a movie that earned Brad Pitt a sum of $20 million, and again, since the money is substantial enough, it is easy to accurately estimate how much money this will add to Brad Pitt's overall net worth.

That's where comes in; they take a Hollywood star (or, could be an American football star, billionaire, musician, etc.), and they estimate from reported contractual earnings, back-end contract deals, points on gross profits earnings given for a movie, shares owned, assets, and a whole ton of other stuff that is made known to the public, and from this, there is the golden estimation for the amount of money that they personally have, either in the bank, invested in real estate, a home, vehicles, rare collectables, businesses, etc.

What makes knowing the net worths so interesting for Hollywood celebrities? Well, theres a whopping degree of difference, between the amount we think our top celebrities are earning, and then the actual amount these most favoured of celebrities are earning, and it is almost guaranteed that there will be shock and awe when seeing how much some of the not-so famous celebrities are actually worth. Hint, if the site is not, then the site that is currently being viewed, is likely not one to take any notice of, as there is no way these sites have been clearly cross-referencing their sources, as they come as complete and utter garbage.

Praise Be To The Power Of The Internet - And The Growing Saturation Of Celebrity Net Worth Profiles

Forbes, CelebrityNetWorth, TheRichest; are all celebrity net worth websites that cover the importance of understanding what the celebrities in Hollywood, and elsewhere around the world, are making, and their earnings are thrown out into the open for everyone to see, and thereby judge with harsh celebrity critical minds.

Forbes, not precisely the net worth estimators that CelebrityNetWorth claim to be, as Forbes more or less covers the annual top earning celebrities in Hollywood, as this is what their readers are most interested in. Then,, a website that specifically does net worth profiles for Hollywood celebrity, as well as other categories for celerity net worths, and the extremely wealthy from around the world.

Personal net worth fascinations are a growing demand, and, the best and most influential of them all, has got traffic that reaches into the tens of millions each month, and it is worth baring in mind that there are hundreds of net worth estimation sites that squander the good works of those with a positive influence, through giving falsified documentations of celebrity earnings, which ultimately leads to a poor outlook on the internets understanding of the high-profile celebrity personal net worths, as listed on legitimate source sites like (and, it will need to mentioned yet again)

Forbes, however, unlike CelebrityNetWorth, have a professional reputation as a magazine establishment, and have properly sourced every piece of information down to the finest details. This makes them the best and greatest source for finding out exactly what your favourite actors/actresses, and other movie influencers are earning on their most fortune-500 of years.

There are of course many other legitimate websites to be found around the web for celebrity net worths, but typically there is only the headline for the one-off occasions when a celebrity earns a ridiculous amount of money from a single job, and these are typically covered by your financial magazine publications, such as (also,, and All great for finding source information for the celebrities that are earning, and therefore influencing the Hollywood pay scene in recent times.

Nonetheless, it is that retains their stance on accurate net worth recordings for individual Hollywood celebrities, and the personal net worth profiles for each and every Hollywood celebrity are closely inspected by staff, and if there is a public record to be found that may differentiate between net worth findings, the people over at CelebrityNetWorth will find this, and then make the appropriate changes to reflect the actual net worths for these individuals.

When might there be a big change in a net worth profile recording on Hmmm, probably when a Hollywood celebrity goes in financial difficulties in their personal life, as this has happened with countless celebrities whom have earned more than $100 million in Hollywood movie/TV show paychecks, and then ran into financial troubles some years on for one reason or another. Take Robin Williams (the once family movie icon, turned Hollywood acting legend), an actor who earned a reported $110 million (plus) from acting paychecks over the years (earning a peak of $20 million per movie performance, including such movies as Jumanji, Flubber, and Bicentennial Man), and before his death his net worth had skyrocketed down to roughly $50 million (roughly $30 million of which was tied up in property), and also lost $30 million prior due to divorce settlements.

Yet more financial woes to report, famous from the past, as Nicolas Cage, one of Hollywood's top earning actors in the 90s, had reportedly earned $180 million from his acting jobs as of 2005 (earning a peak of $20 million per movie performance, including such movies as The Rock, Gone in 60 Seconds, and National Treasure), only to find himself owing receipts of $13 million to the US tax payer, and not enough funds to pay the fee. Not a problem, as Nicolas Cage had some serious assets at his fingertips, so first thing he did, sell his mansions. Only problem, there were little to no interest in from potential buyers for these properties, and at the height of Nicolas Cage's career, he bought several mansions, luxurious boats, an island, and perhaps his most reckless expenditure for a $30 million private jet and hanger.

Luckily for Nicolas Cage, he was still considered a bankable actor in Hollywood, although it would seem Cage was desperate for every penny he could earn doing acting work, as he has done some unusually poor choice movies over the past decade to bring his fortune back to good standing, as when it was at its worst he was worth a lower-yet-still-higher than expected $25 million, and by 2015 he was worth an estimated $50 million. Considering his financial stature has not completely diminished, it would appear Nicolas Cage is still an actor with credible presence in the Hollywood scene, but long gone are the days when Nicolas Cage could earn $40 million a year doing acting work that those with twice his acting ability couldn't even earn a fraction worth mentioning of. Screen presence - it matters.

Without the celebrity net worth formulas, there would be no knowing what the actors and actresses of today were making, as there would simply be no one asking the questions, as before the internet, knowing actors, actress, movie directors and producers was simply something that people wouldn't know, and would see as too private to ever ask and have answered. One of the greatest mysteries of the internet, is the celebrity net worths, but still people never stop to gaze around before leaving, and that is what makes so great, as it is actually quite fascinating to stick around, as every well-known Hollywood star has a financial background that is quite fascinating to take a look at.

Before the internet, everything was simply too unknown to ever know. Through the internet, everything worth knowing and otherwise from the unknown, is suddenly the only thing we can think about in those moments Googling those silly questions on the greatest question-and-answer search engine of all time, Google.

A Thousand Searches For Questions And Answers On The Google Search Engine, And Will Still Haven't Come Close To Ever Truly Knowing Enough That There Is To Know

How much money does a Hollywood movie star earn? A lot.

How much money does Hollywood make? Through the Hollywood movie studios, the iconic Hollywood location in Los Angeles, Hollywood makes tens of billions of dollars each year, and that's only the movie studios that are situated here.

Who is the richest Hollywood actor in 2017? Mel Gibson. Boasting a $400 million net worth, someone knows there way around the movie business.

How much money does the A-list actors/actresses earn in Hollywood? A true A-list actor (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks) will earn $20 million per movie (whilst considered remarkably bankable).

Does An Oscar Win Mean More Money? Sure, since it gives more credibility and public acknowledgement for their acting abilities, and will likely lead to better movie opportunities (bigger budget, bigger paycheck).

Why Are So Many Hollywood Iconic Movie Stars Falling Prey To Financial Woes? A day in the sun, and most Hollywood movie sensations begin to spend like they're only living for today, when tomorrow, they will be spit out by the very people that once kneeled in their presence, and that is the cold truth that lies behind tomorrows grey clouds.

We have already named a few, and Nicolas Cage stands as a true Hollywood icon that has made his bright beginnings, someone of a statement in the North American movie industry, as even today, his career flourishes in the middle zone, where once he flourished in all of the higher lanes for movie makings.

Not all financially broken Hollywood stars have been so lucky, and there is no one who stands out more than Robin Williams (now deceased), an actor who once pulled in $20 million per movie performance, but by his later years, was considered no longer bankable in the eyes of Hollywood producers, and executives, and his earnings were cold cut, making him less than a million dollars in paychecks per movie performance, and it may be worth putting out there that these movies were flopping left, right and centre.

How Does Hollywood Pay Work For Those TightCast To Certain Movie Genres, And Sometimes A Single Franchise? As proven, this can go either one or two ways, as the actor/actress in question, will either go on to do well elsewhere in the movie business, or there name and fame will start and end with that once glorious franchise.

Take Jennifer Aniston, the once booming success female actor career on the hit TV sitcom, Friends, and her career has long seen the end of her tight cast role as Rachel in Friends, as she is now a broader actress with true potential, however, she is still tight-cast to her roles in the comedy movie genre.

Still, the actress earns a sweet $3 million per year thanks to a deal which entitles her (and the rest of the leading cast of Friends) to back-end money from the Friends sitcom re-run earnings, and that's in 2017, well over a decade since the show wrapped up on its network slot with Warner Bros. Then, there is her current works as an actress, earning the star a reported $5-10 million per movie performance, and one of the more recent roles to pick out of the long line of list for movie performance paychecks is Horrible Bosses 2, a role that earned Aniston a cool $10 million.

Jennifer Aniston, the girl most famous for the Friends sitcom and her relationship with Brad Pitt back before he had his eyes on Angelina Jolie, is now one of Hollywood's most lovable comedy genre actresses who has proven through hard work and dedication that she is an actress that movie audiences continually want to see more of.

Then, speeding ahead of time, there is the TV onscreen beloved Sheldon Cooper in the Warner Bros. hit TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory, played by Jim Parsons. Here's an actor that people are really talking about, and since The Big Bang Theory recently released its tenth season on its USA network broadcast, movie audiences are eager to see this actor spread his wings and enter the comedy movie business, but there are those of us who would be interested to see the actor try his hand at drama, or perhaps even a thriller style movie.

Jim Parsons has said on multiple occasions in US network interviews that he would be interested to try out various style of acting opportunities, and The Big Bang Theory audiences are eager to follow the actor wherever he might go, but this leaves us to wonder, we he be another versatile genius in the Hollywood acting business, or will he simply be tied forever to his character as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Either way, the eagerness is killing fans.

Down to payday business, The Big Bang Theory TV sitcom has been kind to Parsons, earning him a paycheck for $1 million per episode on its tenth season. The anticipation is simply too much to bare, as there is still no official news regarding an eleventh season for the hit show, but both Johnny Galecki (the actor who plays Leonard Hofstadter) and Jim Parsons (the actor who, well you know) have both mentioned in lengthy network interviews that the cast is open to the possibility of an eleventh season, and that it is all down to the writers for The Big Bang Theory, for as to whether or not the Warner Bros. Studio will green light the next season, or not.

To give a better insight into the earnings of The Big Bang Theory for its tenth season, the show was green-lit with a production budget of $9 million per episode, $5 million of which went to leading cast paychecks (per episode), and $200 thousand went to the additional leads (per episode). That's 24 episodes in season 10, making it $216 million in overall production budget for the season, and each of the 5 leading stars (Galecki, Parsons, Cuoco, Helberg, Nayyar) will have taken home roughly $22-24 million dollars for the yearly season, and the remaining 2 star leads (Bialik and Rauch) will have earned a respective $2.2-2.4 million dollars for the season overall.

Jim Parsons, perhaps the most successful of The Big Bang Theory cast outside of the franchise, has earned an estimated $5 million for his voice-acting role DreamWorks Animations delightfully humorous Home, which released in 2015.

Parsons is still bankable, whilst The Big Bang Theory is hot in the minds of its key demographic, and that opens up his career to opportunities amongst family-friendly movies, but once The Big Bang Theory is all wrapped up, we imagine he will broaden his acting career horizon, and branch off into lesser expected roles in drama, thriller, and perhaps even horror performances.

Jim Parsons net worth, racking up all earnings throughout his illustrious family-friendly TV and movie acting career, has an estimated $70 million net worth, as listed on

Thanks for sticking around, if there is anything that you'd like to add to what has already been listed, please do so in the comments section below.

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