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What Julie & Julia Did For Bloggers

Updated on August 25, 2009


This past weekend I went to see the movie, Julie and Julia. I went more to see Meryl Streep and Amy Adams than anything else but as I sat there watching this movie about a woman working a nine to five job who decides she needs a purpose in her life and so she finds it by cooking through the Julia Child cookbook and blogging about it. Although everyone’s reasons for blogging differs (at least slightly) what I was taken with was the fact that this movie represented a dream come true for bloggers. Let’s face it, all bloggers hope that someone notices and puts you in the newspaper or picks your blog up and quotes it in an article but in this case not only did both of the above happen, the woman actually got a movie deal out of it and is now an author. Wow, how many of us sit typing away hoping that something like that will happen for us? All of us, that’s how many. What Julie & Julia did for bloggers – Don’t Get Me Started!

I started blogging because I had joined corporate America and missed getting the applause I had grown accustomed to from being on stage most of my life. (I didn’t know that was why I started blogging at the time but like most things, distance makes the heart grow fonder and sometimes a little clearer.) I remember the thrill I got from the first comments left on my blog, the people who emailed me, blogging for season 3 of Project Runway for and eventually getting named one of The Advocate readers’ top ten blogs in 2006. It was heady stuff for someone who during the day was dealing with a company going through bankruptcy and being responsible for the training of 1500 employees across the US. To be able to write and have people actually respond, people who weren’t friends who didn’t have to tell me my stories were funny or people who told me how much a blog meant to them because they felt it too, it was a little like fitting into that pair of pants you haven’t fit into for years, you stand a little taller and walk with a bit more pep in your step.

And all the while I waited for the phone to ring, waiting to get that email from Rosie or some of the other celebs who were blogging, asking me to blog for them, with them or be on their show. It never happened. And while most of my blogging “fame” happened in 2006, here I am in 2009 still writing blogs and doing the occasional video blog and yet there’s still somewhere in the back of my mind that I think this blog entry will be the one that someone reads and decides they want to make me a contributor to their website or magazine. Hope can be just as intoxicating as those first few comments you receive on your blog. I have to be honest that I probably haven’t done everything I could or should have done to become a blogger of notice but when you see the movie (or read the book) about this particular blogger getting noticed you see that she just wrote, she didn’t worry about Adsense ads on her site or sharing links from her site with other sites to try and build readership. Then again, when she was blogging it was when blogging was in its infancy, times have changed. So you register your blog with blog listing sites and do what you can to publicize yourself but until your video blog get passed around like a cat playing the piano or something let’s face it, your chances of being “discovered’ among the millions of blogs out there are slight at best.

So for me, I came back to the original reason I began writing. Sure I began writing for the fame and fortune but more than that I wanted to share my opinions and thoughts on different topics. I wanted to show the world that you can be a forty-something gay and have the same morals, opinions as the straight couple across the street. I like to call myself a “garden variety” gay, not the kind you’ll see with a boa around his neck and shirt off on a Pride Parade float and at the same time, not a billion dollar gay who travels the world going to the White Party in every glamorous location. Just a man sharing his life with another man and trying to understand how in this day and age legislatures can still bar me from the rights and liberties the Constitution was supposed to guarantee me, still wondering why the person in front of me at Starbucks can’t get it that they need to know what they want before they get to the counter, and still bitching about reality television shows being two hours when I can Tivo through most in twenty minutes and not miss any of the good parts. And through this writing I discovered I was right. People agreed with me and embraced me, forwarding my website or blog to their friends or family. I found women in their thirties, forties and fifties writing to me, telling me that they agreed with my opinions and that I made them laugh a little about life. Then I had young gays writing to me asking for me to be the Gaytriarch I was for my own family for them and offer them some advice.

On the whole it’s been very rewarding though the fame and fortune has eluded me. And because I live my life based on musical theatre I can’t help but think about the moment in the musical Gypsy when Mama Rose is confronted by Louise and Rose realizes that all her pushing to make Louise and her sister a star was done for herself. Rose says, “I guess I did it for me….I just wanted to be noticed.” And I think that’s true of almost every blogger out there. So thanks for sharing your reading time with me and for noticing me. And thank you for Julie who blogged about Julia which gives all of us bloggers hope that we’ll be “discovered.” What Julie & Julia Did For Bloggers – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • fireball34 profile image

      fireball34 8 years ago

      Your a Star in my book!