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What Makes Adam Levine The Sexiest Man Alive

Updated on July 11, 2015
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Carolee is a passionate writer with a love for learning and teaching. She is a published author, poet, blogger, and content creator.

Photo of Adam Levine
Photo of Adam Levine | Source

A few months ago one of Jamaica’s most talented recording artists entered The Voice and I got the chance to see Adam Levine. Though I had heard of him in passing, I didn't really know what he looked like until I saw him on the show.

Now, I never thought he was sexy or handsome, and I barely noticed that he was attractive. However, one weird thing happened to me one night. I dreamed that he and I were making passionate love. It was weird, for even though me dreaming such things was not new, I only ever dream of men I am extremely attracted to.

So I began to pay more attention to Adam Levine to see if there was something about him that triggered something in my subconscious. Shortly after my dream he was named the Sexiest Man alive so I decided to see what was it about him that gave him that title. It took me almost three months to figure it out.

Sexiness is totally subjective

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all know that saying and we believe it to be true. What may look good to you may be offensive to me. It’s the same with being sexy.

To define sexy you need to know what it is. Then, you determine if someone is sexy to you. Here is the dictionary definition of sexy:

The Oxford online dictionary:

1. sexually attractive or exciting. Synonyms include: sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing

2. very exciting or appealing. Synonyms include: exciting, stimulating, interesting, appealing, intriguing

What women see as being sexy in a man

Women are emotional creatures but we do have eyes and many of us are offense to the ice queens.

Anyway, one psychologist pointed out some years ago that a woman can tell within a few seconds of meeting a guy if she'd marry him or not. It's a part of our subconscious to size men up. We assess the men we meet in stages and if we can't get to meet them, as in Adam's case we observe by following them online, listening to their music, watching their interviews, observe how they interact with normal people and read their statuses to see how humane they are.

A woman is not always attracted to a man she may marry at first sight, so I am not sure if that psychologist was right. But she sizes him up almost immediately using these criteria:

  1. His looks - eyes, lips, cheekbones and shape of the head and hair (if any).
  2. His physique - is he buff, lean, bulky, fat, flabby, cuddly, burly or plain? His physical structure plays a huge roll in whether or not she will think him sexy. She may think he's attractive but not very sexy, or she may find him extremely sexy but not very attractive.
  3. His appearance - the way he dresses, grooms his face, hair and maintains general hygiene are very important. Any odor which is not pleasing to the nostrils will have her running.
  4. His voice - Men like to talk and women listen to the tone as well as the words. Some male tones can set a woman on fire.
  5. His persona - this comes last. A woman may decide to forgo her reservations about the first three and get to know the fellow but this is rare.


In case you don't know who Adam Levine is

Before we get into why Adam is sexy, just in case you didn’t know, here is a little something about the man.

Adam is a singer, songwriter and musician and is a member of the band called Maroon 5.

He was born on March 18, 1978 and his full name is Adam Noah Levine. He has around 7 or 8 albums and nearly two dozen singles out, many of which have hit the billboard charts and literally sold millions.

On November 19, 2013 Adam Levine was named People's Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. To tell you truth I didn't see it.

Just before Christmas 2013, Adam launched his Adam Levine Collection which has been very successful so far.

Take the Adam Levine Sexy Poll

What makes Adam sexy to you?

See results

Hard pill to swallow but...

I laughed and scuffed at the headlines, literally. I posted a status on Facebook asking what was so sexy about the man. All this after that passion filled dream. Oh, by the way, the dream wore off pretty quickly as far as erotic dreams go. Read the full story on my blog, "I had a Dream".

I decided to do a comparison check against a few men from three groups of people to see where he stood. Note you, I am not famous and practically no one knows me so my vote doesn't really count. The three groups consisted of:

  1. Famous men who were known to be sexy
  2. Semi-famous men and athletes
  3. Obscure people I know

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Kostas MartakisJason StathamHugh JackmanSong Seung HunAsafa PowellDavid PerronMy former boss - Dwain BrownJake Arrieta
Kostas Martakis
Kostas Martakis | Source
Jason Statham
Jason Statham
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman
Song Seung Hun
Song Seung Hun | Source
Asafa Powell
Asafa Powell
David Perron
David Perron
My former boss - Dwain Brown
My former boss - Dwain Brown | Source
Jake Arrieta
Jake Arrieta


Famous men I compared Adam to:

  • Hugh Jackman
  • Jason Statham
  • Kostas Martakis
  • Song Seung Hun

So I was a bit lazy and only came up with four from this group though there are thousands I could choose from. I wanted to add Paul Walker but he was dead so I deleted him...bummer! But I could not see Adam as being sexier than the above mentioned men. So I move on to the other group.

The Semi-famous men and Athletes:

  • Asafa Powell
  • David Perron
  • Jake Arrieta

I know some guys who have this thing about them that makes them very hot!

  • Dwain Brown

The comparison thing didn't seem to be working so I had to stop there because Adam already lost the battle with the first photo. There are quite a number of athletes, actors and musicians who could be classified as sexier than Adam any day...but...there is...admittedly something about the man.

Let's Assess Adam using the criteria listed above

What's sexy
Good cheekbones, oval shaped face, dimples, hazel eyes,
Hazel eyes are usually sexy along with dimples and good cheekbone structure in males.
Tall (5 ft 11¾ inches), 170 lbs, lean and toned but not very muscular, slim built, no other defining features
Women like men who are ripped and toned. He is very toned, though I wouldn't really call hum ripped. He is, however, well defined and has a somewhat appealing physique
Dresses well when not on stage. takes his shirt off a lot in videos but likes to dress casually when performing
Not a very sexy dresser though his music videos are a bit sensual
Avarage voice,nothing special
Can sing
Seems to be laid back, smiles easily
When he smiles his dimples make him look endearing
Likes to perform sensual dance moves on stage, Tattoos. Facial and chest hair
His dance moves makes him appear super sexy. Some women like tattoos while some don't , Adam's tatoos are not overpowering and seem to fit him well. The facial hair is also very sexy on some men and Adam wears it well. Also, he has some amount of dark chest hair and that is always a super sexy feature to have

Super sexy looks!

The other side of sexiness

When you've done all the requirements and still come up with nothing then you rely on the unseen and go with what you feel. In other words what does the person exude?

One can be extremely beautiful but very cold and not sexy all. On the other hand, one can be very unattractive but extremely irresistible. What makes the unattractive attractive. Or, in this case what makes Adam Levine the sexiest man alive?

Adam Levine is definitely on the side of sexiness when you do the math but I still found other men sexier. So I what was left was the ultimate sexiness test.

He exudes sexiness!

There is something about him, his presence, the way he looks at you through the television or computer screen that makes him sexy. It's not in his physique, or his cheekbones. It's his energy or aura. The man has extreme sexual energy swirling all around him and I bet people who actually know him are affected by it.

This is really what makes you sexy. It's what people call "sex appeal". So coupled with his barely average (B) sexiness grade and his exuding sex appeal, Adam Levine has upped the scale and made it to the top of the charts. I bet that's what the judges saw when they crowned him the sexiest man alive.

How to exude sexiness like Adam Levine

It's something most people don't know, yet very simple. It's confidence. If you are not confident in who you are then chances are you won't possess this extra special energy.

It has nothing to do with being cocky or playing the field. It's not a bad boy thing, yet many bad boys possess it. It's being comfortable in your own skin and knowing deep down you've got something extra special. In women it's the same as that thing which seems to say "come hither".

Pheromones also play a role in irresistibility. Depending on how much your body produces, you can become quite overpowering, but, you can start with being confident in your sexuality.

It also wouldn't hurt to exercise and and learn those sexy moves like

© 2014 Carolee Samuda


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