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What Makes Miki Fujimoto Interesting As a Celebrity?

Updated on November 16, 2020
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Ara is a Journalism graduate from California State University Northridge who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.


The Main Reason That Singer Miki Fujimoto Is An Interesting Celebrity

Celebrities are often times more interesting than being just singers, actresses or fashion models. This is especially the case with former member of girl group Morning Musume Miki Fujimoto (the name that she still uses for performance work). The main reason that Miki Fujimoto is an interesting celebrity is because she is a published author! Fujimoto wrote a yoga exercise book.

What Is This Yoga Exercise Book Called?

The yoga book is called “Towel de Deikiru Fujimoto Miki no Raku Yase Yoga

Miki Fujimoto Talks About Her Yoga Exercise Book

Exercise has been shown to be of major benefit to improve the quality of your life both mentally and physically. Famous pop music singer Miki Shoji (Fujimoto is her maiden surname) appeared at a press conference to discuss the details of the release of her yoga exercise book. As many of you know, Miki and her comedian husband Tomoharu Shoji gave birth to a baby boy who at the time of the press conference was five months old and becoming really active. But fortunately, Miki stated that her husband helps with changing the diapers, helping him bathe and taking him with them when they go out. Miki Fujimoto who is known for having a sense of humor also stated during the press conference that the first thing that caught her son’s attention was her husband’s red underwear. The audience laughed really hard when they heard that. I laugh when I read that too. During her pregnancy, the then 27 year-old singer ended up gaining 31 pounds.

What Did Miki Fujimoto Do to Lose the Weight That She Gained?

What did she do in order to lose that weight? She started doing something called gravity yoga. I’ve done just the standard yoga exercise and it is really relaxing! Miki did a few of the exercises during the conference. She said that this is something difficult and that you can do it only if you are flexible. She also said that you can do these moves also when you are lying down. Miki also mentioned that it was really hard for her to lose the last nine pounds that she had gained as a result of the pregnancy. She was able to lose the weight in just one month!

The Yoga Book Has Exercise Plans & a Post Natal Diet Designed By Fujimoto

The book was on sale for 1500 yen which is approximately $19. The book outlines exercises that you can do to utilize your body’s weight while using just a towel for a pillow. There is also a post-natal diet plan designed by Fujimoto herself. This should encourage all mothers that have just given birth to start getting active so they can stay in shape. Staying fit is important and you will be glad that you took the time to exercise. I’m sure some of you remember the word yoga from the Street Fighter 2 video game. Some of you will laugh at this because I laugh too when I think about this but yoga is a form of spiritual meditation and it is not designed as a fighting move. Miki Fujimoto was at the press conference on the same day of the anniversary of September 11. She was wearing a gorgeous outfit which was a dazzling pink shirt with nice sweat pants. She has a really flexible body and great curves! So please do what you can to stay fit. It will make a difference in your life in the long-term.

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