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What Makes You Laugh?

Updated on February 8, 2016

Laughter, what a wonderful experience to have. There are so many things that can make you laugh- A funny joke, little babies, animals, and human mishaps. It is amazing how a good laugh can make your day. Laughter is a great stress reliever and can turn your mood around instantly.

Once in awhile I would go to the occasional comedy show at Yuk Yuks to get a laugh

What is Laughter?

Laughter is an audible expression, it can also be expressed as an inward feeling of joy and pleasure. Laughter can make you cry, you can also laugh until you hurt which is a result of moderate muscular pain on contractions.  Sometimes we laugh with others, or even laugh at others.  It is truly the best medicine as the old saying goes.

This Baby Makes Me Laugh

Babies sure can make you laugh. This video always brightens my day.

When I used to watch tv, America's funniest home videos had some hilarious videos of children, animals, and adults doing the most amusing things. It is important to take a moment to laugh, it is very healthy for you. Try it sometime.

Heal Yourself With A Good Laugh

 they say " laughter is the best medicine". Do you believe that to be true? I wish I laughed more. Maybe my hair wouldn't be so gray if I did. Sometimes you laugh so hard you cry. You get one of those rolling belly aches that just get you going.

There have been studies conducted that show laughter and an active sense of humour could provide some protection against suffering from a heart attack. The study indicates that laughter could help prevent heart disease.

Did you watch the Movie "The Secret" a lady mentions in the movie how laughter cured her cancer. Can you imagine that! Laughter has the power to heal.

My question is what makes you laugh? What brings up your spirits when you are feeling down?

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