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What To Look For When Buying a Ukulele

Updated on June 15, 2012

The first time you look into buying a musical instrument, you wonder what to get so it will stay with you for the long run. When you are a beginner, you do not want to make the mistakes other people made before you so it is good to look for answers and also to ask questions to the internet community. Chances are that there are some people with useful tips on what to look for in a ukulele.

The easiest choice would be to go with known brands of ukulele. Maybe not jump to the best most expensive one but something that is playable and that will satisfy your needs. You will probably not see the difference if your playing is not goof enough.

Some good brands to consider are Makala and Kala. Makala is the cheap branch of Kala made for beginners and people who need a cheap ukulele to bring everywhere with them without being afraid to scratch it when playing outside their house.

For the wood, they all have a different tonality and that is a choice that the player should make. Most of the time, this is not essential to choose for a newcomer so I would suggest not to spend to much time on that. What is important about the wood though is that it is made or solid wood and not an agglomerate of wood. The sound will be better with solid wood.

The second thing is the size of the instrument. Sadly, you will probably not be able to know what size will be best for you before having the instrument in your hands. If there is a musical instrument shop where you live, I would recommend to swing by one of these days just to have a feel of a soprano, a concert and a tenor ukulele.

Most of the time, Sopranos are used for strumming and accompanying people when they sing. It is small enough to bring everywhere and its cuteness will work on everyone. A tenor or concert are for people who are more into picking the strings.

About the strings, it is recommended to change them especially if the instrument is a cheap one with cheap strings. A set of Worth, Aquila or D'addario will make you instrument sound better as soon as you change them.

A case is really important, whether it is a soft one or a hard one, it will be useful to carry your ukulele without damaging it. Also, a tuner is probably the most useful accessory you have to buy with your first instrument.


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