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What Necklaces Women Should Wear to Go Out Salsa Dancing at a Nightclub or Dance Studio

Updated on February 1, 2017
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Anya Brodech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA.

Wearing a pretty necklace helps glam up any outfit for when you go out salsa dancing!
Wearing a pretty necklace helps glam up any outfit for when you go out salsa dancing!

What Kind of Necklaces You Should Wear for Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing typically involves a lot of moving and spinning around, as well as the occasional dip, sweep, lift, and other dramatic moves. I've been going out salsa dancing at nightclubs and studio parties and have learned that just about anything can happen on the dance floor.

I've created lists of necklace do's and don'ts for salsa dancing that will help avoid (or at least significantly minimize) the risk of necklace-related accidents while dancing salsa or any other fast paced dance. Trust me when I say that I've had plenty of necklaces and other accessories come flying off or get caught on my partner's clothing in the middle of a song. I've also broken several necklaces and had them come apart, with the beads spilling all over the dance floor!

To illustrate my point about the importance of wearing the right kind of necklace when you go out salsa dancing, I've provided some real-life examples of necklace-related accidents that have happened to me and/or one of my dance partners.

I share my stories so that you can learn from my mistakes and avoid any necklace-related accidents!

Even if you're a beginner, prepare to do lots of spins and turns when you're dancing salsa!
Even if you're a beginner, prepare to do lots of spins and turns when you're dancing salsa!

Ladies, have you ever had any necklace related accidents at dance?

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Guys, have you ever had any problems caused by your dance partner's jewelry?

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Getting jewelry caught in your hair, especially if you have long hair, and then trying to get it out is never a fun experience
Getting jewelry caught in your hair, especially if you have long hair, and then trying to get it out is never a fun experience

The Risks and Accidents Caused by Wearing the Wrong Necklace to Dance Salsa: My Own Real Life Examples

Most of these problems happened at the beginning/early stages of my dance career when I was still inexperienced in fashion as it related to dancing and thought I could get away with wearing a lot of things I know realize I shouldn't have. However, my dancing has become a lot more intense and complicated over the years, and gets a little aggressive sometimes with a lot of fast hand/arm-movements which can easily lead to problems such as getting my necklace getting ripped off by my partner's arm that got stuck in it.

Here are just a few examples of some of the things that have actually happened to me at least once while dancing salsa with a guy, either during a private lesson, group class, or social dancing at a salsa club....To the men who have danced with me in the past, I would like to apologize for having worn the wrong kind of necklace which resulted in one of these accidents....

  • I've had my necklace catch onto my partner's shirt button while I was spinning around.
  • I've had my the chain of my necklace get caught in my hair and it took me a while to figure how to get it out of my hair without ripping out a chunk of hair or breaking my necklace.
  • I've had the long pendant necklace I was wearing swing out and hit my partner in my face while I was coming in from a turn.
  • I've had the clasp on my necklace get untwisted from rubbing on my neck while I was dancing and moving around and my necklace fall down on the ground and the string break and beads fly everywhere
  • I've had my partner get his arm caught in the loop of my necklace by accident because it flew up a little as he was moving his arm to lead me into the next move and either end up getting stuck if I we noticed in time, or ripping my necklace off if we didn't
  • I've caught my own arm in my necklace while dancing by accident
  • I've had my necklace pulled up and off me because either mine, or my partner's arm got caught in it during a move while we were lifting out arms up

Long pendant necklaces can cause all sorts of problems while dancing salsa
Long pendant necklaces can cause all sorts of problems while dancing salsa

Necklace Don'ts for Salsa Dancing

  • Long, Big and/or Heavy Pendants: because they'll fly up and swing out and around with you as you spin, and hit your partner in the face (or you!).
  • Necklaces that are medium/thin chains and/or are composed or multiple chains because it's easy for your hair to get caught in them
  • Statement necklaces with parts that stick out because they'll get caught on your clothes or in your hair
  • Necklaces with sharp points/edges because you can accidentally cut/hurt you or your partner's hand/arm/face/neck, etc. on them
  • Necklaces with clasps that twist closed because they can get untwisted and come apart from rubbing on your neck as you move around and you end up with your necklace falling on the ground and breaking. These clasps tend to be found on European and/or homemade jewelry, especially in Eastern-Europe
  • Necklaces with "S-hook" or "Fish and Eye" clasps because it's easy for them to be lifted and slip out from shifting around on your neck while you dance and move around, and you end up with your necklace falling off of you
  • Necklaces with toggle clasps can be problematic depending on the size of the clasp because they can shift around and slip out easily and falling off

Small, minimal necklaces are an easy low-key way to accessorize and won't get in the way of your dancing
Small, minimal necklaces are an easy low-key way to accessorize and won't get in the way of your dancing

Necklace Do's for Salsa Dancing:

It's important that you wear a necklace that is relatively short, flat, and securely attaches around your neck and is made of a relatively smooth material without any parts that can get caught/tangled in your hair/clothes and/or cause any other problems to you or your partner while dancing together.

That being said, here are some characteristics/features that you should look for in a necklace to wear to go salsa dancing:

Necklace Do's for Salsa Dancing:

  • Necklaces that are made of smooth beads that are strung close together so they can't get caught on your clothes or in your hair
  • Short necklaces that are 16-20 inches long (or don't go past the top of your lady lumps), so they don't fly up and out and cause problems. You'll know if it's short enough because you shouldn't be able to fit your hand/arm underneath if you tried.
  • Necklaces that lay flat and don't have any embellishments or parts that stick out which can get caught in your hair/clothes or scratch your arm or your partner by accident.
  • Necklaces with "Lobster," "Spring Ring," or "Box" clasps because they securely attach your necklace together so you don't have to worry about it loosening and coming apart and falling off of you.

Necklace Ideas that You Can Wear for Salsa Dancing

All of that being said, here is a list of suggestions and ideas of necklaces that you can actually wear to go salsa dancing safely.

You might find a lot of these items in the jewelry that you already own, but depending on your style, you might not. If you don't usually wear jewelry and/or don't own anything that you would be able to wear for salsa dancing, don't worry! Just make a list of ideas based off of this article or bring this with you as a print-out or webpage on your mobile device when you go out shopping. If you don't want to buy anything new, or can't, you can try asking female friends/family members to loan you a couple of pieces.

Remember, salsa dancing is all about having fun, and it's always fun to look great when you're dancing by wearing a nice cute/sexy outfit and a pretty necklace :)

  • Small pendants on a short chain are okay because they're not going to fly up and hit you or your partner in the face. So crosses, small charms, and other little items are safe to wear to dance. They're good if you have a more minimalist style or if you're wearing an outfit that's really busy and don't want to overdo by having a big necklace.
  • Statement necklaces that are relatively smooth and flat without a lot of small parts or pieces sticking out are nice because they won't fly up when you spin and aren't as likely to get caught in your hair or on your clothes. They're also an easy way to add some oomph to your outfit.
  • Beaded necklaces made from natural stones/materials are always interesting, especially the bright colorful ones for summer time! I'm Ukrainian so I have a dozen natural stone and amber necklaces that my grandma brought me back from Ukraine. I like them because they're heavier than plastic necklaces, so they tend to lay on my neck and not fly up much when I spin. The only downside is you should make sure that they're beaded on a plastic or wire thread and not a regular woven string that can break from the weight and stress of being pulled/caught on something.
  • Shiny black plastic beaded necklaces are great for salsa dancing because they're a little bit more fancy looking than other colored plastic necklaces, are a neutral color, and come in a variety of shapes and styles. I have two black plastic beaded necklaces from sophomore year of high school, that I've kept all of these years and actually had to restring because they broke from being used so many times!
  • Sparkly short beaded necklaces are a salsa dancer's favorite because they let you dress up an otherwise plain outfit easily and quickly, and add some oomph to your look, especially if you're wearing something else that's also sparkly. Just try to avoid sparkly necklaces that have little metal edges/clips/teeth on them because they can get caught on your clothes and rip little holes in them, or get caught in your hair.

Do you feel more comfortable wearing necklaces to go out salsa dancing now?

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© 2017 Anya Brodech


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