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What Would You Do If You Won 50 Million Dollars In The Lottery?

Updated on March 21, 2011
If You Won The Lottery
If You Won The Lottery

If You Won The Lottery Would You Be Generous?


What would you do if you won 50 Million Dollars in the Lottery? Would winning the 50 Million Dollars change your life for the better or worse? Would you keep the entire 50 Million Dollars Winnings or Donate part to Charity? These are the questions that I believe most people do not answer honestly.

Would You Do Any Of The Things On My List?


Imagine you have been slaving working at a fast food restaurant or in any other job that you have absolutely hated but felt you were stuck in because of decisions made over your lifetime that might not have worked out for your best interests.  It just happens that you stop at a store on your way home from work throwing away a few dollars on a lottery ticket that you weren’t even expecting to win but it turns out later to be the big 50 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket plus you don’t have to split the money with anyone because you were the only lucky winner.

 Which of the following listed things would you honestly do after or before collecting your lottery winnings?

1.    Quit my job immediately

2.    Hire a lawyer to protect my interests

3.    Call everyone who has caused me hell in the past and brag

4.    Pay off all bills past and present

5.    Immediately move out of your  neighborhood or city

6.    Change your name and drop contact with all friends and family

7.    Offer to split your winnings between friends, family and yourself

8.    Donate a small percentage to charity

9.    Donate a large percentage to charity

10.  Donate money to fund education

11.  Buy out the owners of my job and fire my boss/supervisor immediately

12.  Purchase a couple cars and go on a large clothing shopping spree

13.  Continue my life as normally as possible without acting rich

14.  None of the things listed above but I’ll secretly let you know what I’d do

Here's What I Would Do With My Lottery Winnings


Well, when asking what would you do if you won 50 million dollars in the lottery? I can honestly say that I would enjoy my winnings with my family by doing anything and everything they desire. Although I have given to charity in the past it would not be on the top of my things to do if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery list unless I was really too elderly to enjoy my winnings and didn’t have family to let enjoy the winnings.

Everyone wants to live a life of luxury and while many of us are already living quite well it just might not be well enough. If you say you don’t want a life where you can have anything you want in this world and you can give your family the things that every man wishes they could then you would be lying to yourself because most men work to support their families to at least give them what they can afford that brings a smile.

The sad part when asking me what would you do if you won 50 million dollars in the lottery would be that I would also drop contact with the family or friends that have not always been there in the past to support me or my decisions but have now come out of the shadows to try to claim a piece of my winnings. When you move up a little in society where your pockets are fatter and your lifestyle is quickly becoming a thing of dreams it’s amazing how close the shadow people will try to get to you and if you let them eventually they’ll wipe you out. I’d simply say money doesn’t change the way I feel about you so why are you letting it change the way you feel about me? I don’t need nor do I want you in my corner now so Deuces.

Of course I’d pay off all my bills at the same exact time if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery. I’d love to clear any and all debt even debt before it becomes debt because as many like me would notice, the quicker you pay off a bill the quicker a new bill from somewhere is in your mailbox the next morning.

And move, yes if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery I’d have to pack up my wife and kids to move out of our neighborhood, although not a bad neighborhood if word got around too quick that I had the 50 million dollar lottery ticket like in the bow wow movie it would not be such a good turnout.

What would you do if you won 50 million dollars in the lottery? I am definitely curious to see what the honest people out there could come up with, hope you’ve enjoyed this hub.



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    • profile image

      Dennis Halcomb-York 

      6 years ago

      with 50 million I would buy houses for all my kids and supply them with a check for 100,000.00 each. this would provide them with a decent start. there would be conditions though. they would have to prosper in their dreams. in other words. Each ahas a passion that they are struggling to accomplish right now. one is trying to start a business of her own, the other two are struggling through school while maitaining a job. if they complete the tasks and prosper then after 5 years another 100,000 would be theirs. also a grant would be created for each grand child. I would trave the world with my wife and I would like a house in Hawaiito spend time with my brother. Also I would follow my passion and open 3 upscale recording studios and fulfull my dream of helping musicians accomplish their dreams

    • profile image

      Alexandra A. Barreto 

      6 years ago

      If i won a million dollars well for starters i would make sure i have everything and save up for my baby. Especially since i'm going to be a young 18 year old mommy soon i want to b able to get my son or daughter everything they need and more but not spoil them. Id help my mother with bills and help her do n get the things she great fully deserves. Also honest to god i hate seeing poor people on the streets i cant stand it..So i want to try my best to help them and try to get them back on there feet but at one step at a time because i have a child on the way of course they are going to come first.

      Help my fiance pay off all the dets he has....

      Get a car so we can take the baby to the doc or hospital for emergency and of course travel anywhere as well. Get my fiance his licence. Theres alot .. but it all meaning full. But the funny thing is i'm sure there are many people who say that they would do good with the money but then they don't they become selfish, and then one day trust it'll bite them on the butt sooner or later. And me personaly i cant stand lies and nether does god and lord knows i'm trying to get closer to him so my new family can be stronger and saved:) but that's me i love being a christian and i love my god. But even if your not a religious person still don't lie whats the purpose in that . because trust everything comes out and will bite u n the booty.

    • profile image

      Butch Lark 

      6 years ago

      I would change my name and phone #, I would move also and get a Post office box,I would help out my family here and there, and get a new vehicle, My new home would have to have a great home theater and gaming systems, but I would try to keep it quiet

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I would buy $25,000 GIC every week for 5 years for 5 family members and enjoy the return after 5 years. Roll the investment without interest. Each member will live on $8,000 a month for the rest of their life plus there is the investment itself. The rest I will enjoy.

    • GetSmart profile image


      7 years ago

      I would enjoy life traveling with my children, helping as many people as I could along the way. Ahh, nice thoughts! Thanks for the moment!

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      7 years ago

      I might spend a bit of it on upgrading some things on my house. I would share about 10% of it with family and be done with it. I would start planning some trips every single year. I would continue working online to some extent and yes, probably begin the search for a money manager/financial planner. Charities would definitely benefit although they would benefit even more upon my death.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      If I won 50 million first I would hire a money manager and tell him I won 5 million ( they will charge you acording to your winnings or income). Set up bank accounts and what not (you can't just go into your bank and deposit 50 million into your cheque book account). Then I would take a leave from work for about three weeks fly to a beach with my wife and kids and talk about what we were going to do when we cash the ticket (and yes I would max out my Visa on the trip)...I would probably wait at least a month before I'd cash the ticket or tell anyone I won...And Then, help out my family and my wife's family by paying off all there morgages, then buy a place on the west coast and one on the east coast and travel back and forth as well travel the world. I'd also go back to school for buisness or get my MBA and make my money make money for my kids and their education. I would definitely keep a close eye on my winnings and not spend them foolishly..Although I would have a killer car and premium scotch and wine collection :D ... It is fun to think what if. I belive we all do it when we see the lotto numbers pop up to 50 million or more. The key woould be to hold back and not rush in think before you cash that ticket have a plan.


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