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What You Need For An Inspiring Lyrical Routine

Updated on October 13, 2014

One of the greatest qualities of dance is the power of inspiration. You have the ability to talk about anything and share so many stories through the power of dance. To create an inspiring lyrical routine, there are a few key tips to keep in mind, and as you remember these things, you will be surprised by how much of a difference your Lyrical Dance Choreography can make in the world.

1. What Inspires You?

The great thing about people is we are all completely different. We all have different interests, styles, and desires in life. This diversity is what makes the world work, because no one wants exactly the same thing. With dances, different feelings, emotions, and stories, inspire us. One event will inspire different people in different ways. The first step to creating and inspiring lyrical dance routine is to determine what inspires you. What moves you to feel emotions? What motivates you to make a difference? For me, I am inspired by my family and friends, dancers, nature, and fighting chronic diseases. See, my husband was diagnosed with a rare, chronic disease called Fabry Disease. Because of this, I am inspired to choreograph a lyrical routine about Fighting Fabry, to help make a difference in his life and hopefully bring awareness to the disease. What inspires you?


2. Find the Perfect Song.

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, this part would be so much more intimate if the music wasn't so cheesy? The music in a movie can completely change the entire show and mood of the movie. The same thing goes with a dance routine. If you have music that doesn't quite fit the mood or story you are trying to tell, it is not going to be as inspiring and life changing as you want it to be.

I personally feel that when choreographing a lyrical routine, I tend to have a hard time finding the music that I want, that portrays the exact thing I am feeling. However, when you do find that perfect song, that is when you will be able to create the perfect lyrical routine.

For more help determining the song that will be the best for your lyrical routines, check out Lai Rupe's Article, "HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT SONG FOR DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY"

3. Dance from Your Soul.

When all is said and done and you have found your perfect song with the most powerful inspiration, the final thing to do is to just do what you feel from your heart. When I choreograph a lyrical routine with Lai Rupe's Choreography, I love choreographing in a dark studio, alone, with my eyes closed. This lets me just listen to the music and just move directly from my soul. This is when a routine really comes to life!


4. Emotionally Teach it and Perform It.

After you have choreographed a lyrical routine from all the emotions inside of you, you must teach it with that same emotion. You want your dancers to be able to feel the same emotions you are feeling. You want them to be able to picture every detail of what inspired you. They should jump inside of your soul for those 2 minutes of the song and perform it with the complete intentions you designed it for. When this happens, the audience will become breathless as they will be taking the same journey with you.

To choreograph an inspirational, breathless Lyrical Routine like Lai Rupe's Choreography does, you simply need to focus on four easy keys. Once you have determined what inspires you, find the perfect song to display your exact emotions. Then choreograph the routine isolated with your eyes closed so you can get in touch with your soul. It may sound odd and somewhat "hippie-like," but this is the best way for your body to stop being in control, so that your heart and mind can do most of the choreography. Once you have created the routine from your heart, make sure your dancers can perform it, just the way you pictured it in your mind.


What do you look for in an Inspiring Lyrical Routine?

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Choreographing a lyrical routine that inspires, motivates, and changes lives is really simple when you break it down. Ultimately it is up to you as a choreographer to be willing to dig deep enough to let your heart set the moves for you.

Lyrical Dance Choreographer - Lai Rupe


Have any dance questions, concerns, or topics to discuss? Don't hesitate to reach out to Lai Rupe's Choreography. I am here to spread the beauty of dance.

Also, feel free to check out the article, "The Beautiful ART of Dance," to hear a bit more about the other perspective of dance as both a sport, and an art.

Thanks for your LOVE and Support!

~Alaina (Lai) Rupe


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