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What You Should Expect in 2015

Updated on January 9, 2015

Thinking Man


World Events In the Year 2015

Many people are eager to learn the things that one should expect in the coming year 2015. Progress governs the continued success of the human race. As such, the coming year holds numerous technological innovations which will be made available to the public for the well-being of humanity. There are several Political and social summits planned for in the year 2015 that intend to between world governance, world health, human rights and international laws. The year 2015 will be a buzz with the release of several anticipated films that will seek to outdo each other both in revenues and cinematography. One of the most anticipated sports events is the Rugby World Championship, which will take place in England. 2015 will also host countless other sporting events and entertainment functions. Here are some important events to prepare for in the coming year.

Rugby and Athletics


1. 2015 Rugby World Championship

The last Rugby World Championship was held nearly four years ago in 2011, which was hosted by New Zealand. In 2015, England will take up the calling to host the much-anticipated rugby world championship which will commence on 18th of September and end on 31st of October. The Championships will attract the world’s best rugby teams that will inevitably compete for the championship cup currently held by the New Zealand, All Blacks team. Rugby World Championship 2015 is expected to attract the highest number of spectators and team supporters from all over the global.

2. European Indoor Athletics Championships

The next European Indoor Athletics Championships will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. The Championships will comprise of a wide array of disciplines; apart from racing events, the event will also pay homage to long jump, triple jump, javelin, discus, hammer throw among others. The championships will take place in March; starting the 11th of December 2014 the event organizers commenced an athletics exhibit in Prague that is ongoing up to 15th of March 2015. The event will showcase the best athletes competing for medals, new world records and titles. The championships will feature athletes from numerous world countries.





Political and Health Summits

Politics and economics

i. Medicaid and Medicare Conference.

For Americans, the year 2015 holds hope in the form of healthcare reforms. The fifty years of service evaluation of Medicaid and Medicare (the first of its kind) seeks to identify areas of success and failure. An assessment of Medicare and Medicaid is conducted with regards to some guidelines. A careful study of the findings will be done to help the government in making better healthcare decisions concerning Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act. New decisions in American health care will rely on the recommendations of the event organizers, and technological innovation in the field of health.

ii. United Nation International Court of Justice Summit.

2015 will usher in the 70th commemoration of the commissioning of the United Nations and the establishment of the UN International Court of Justice. The Summit will evaluate the significant achievement witnessed globally in the enforcement of human and civil rights. The Summit is expected to attract global legislators who will aid in the creation of new internal laws that will govern the world community.

Medicare and Medicaid


United Nation International court of Justice


Concert Tours



There are a series of tours planned out in U2’s calendar in 2015; this follows a less than satisfactory album launch attempt that saw U2 realize some of the lowest record sales in the groups’ existence. The Irish rock band hopes to improve album sells by touring across several countries; it is expected that the group will conduct several crossed arena performances. The rock group has not performed in a crossed arena for over a decade. Lead vocalist, Bono is recovering from a severe bite injury he sustained at Central Park late last November. Rumor has it that Bono is well on his way to recovery, giving the group time to rehearse before the tours begin. The group has promise to entertain fans throughout their Innocence tours. Their first trip in 2015 will be in Vancouver, Canada in the Rogers Arena, from the 14th to 15th of May. U2’s final concert in 2015 is planned for July 6th and 7th in Toronto, Canada at the Air Canada Cent

Taylor Swift

The American sweetheart, Taylor Swift who has trans-versed political boundaries through her dynamic music style is scheduled to perform in concert tours (mostly in Canada) for most of 2015. Taylor Swift was one of the most idolized music celebrities of 2014. She realized significant after record sales in 2014 that saw her lake in more than her peers in the pop industry. However, 2014 was not the smoothest of years for Taylor, with a few bumps and bruises she still managed to realize a profitable year. Taylor promises to electrify Canada with her country-pop fusion that has seen her captivate masses throughout much of 2014. Taylor believes that she can achieve a lot more in 2015, and the tours will give her the opportunity to be close to the roaring fans.


AC/DC is one of the most recognizes and timeless bands in the world. The group has featured in over three decades of musical transformation and remained relevant in a world of innovative musical technology. The music group is featured in the rock hall of fame as reputably one of best bands in history. The group's lead singer Angus Young has stated that fans should expect nothing but splendor and great in their 2015 music tours. Fans are looking forward to the concerts, but the questions in every person’s mind is how will be playing the drums, following Phil Rudd’s recent woes with the law. Stevie Young will be taking Malcolm Young’s place on the rhythm guitar, and fans are excited to see how the youngster will perform throughout the 2015 tours.



Taylor Swift




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