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What are Your Favorite Cartoon Shows as a Kid?

Updated on December 4, 2010

Many cartoons stand the test of time in animation, storyline or their characters. Saturday is the universal time for morning cartoons that has not changed in 60 years. It remains the great baby sitter for Saturday mornings.

The cartoons that I watched as a kid were:

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle- witty dialogue, quite funny despite now dated animation.
  • The Beatles - hard to believe, but from 64-67, they also occupied the top children's TV show on Saturday. The Fab Four were always getting into situations and just when things got rough, they would sing their great songs to escape. Kids could also sing along.
  • Road Runner- still, even today, a great funny cartoon as the wiley coyote tries to capture its cunning prey-beep! Beep!
  • Bugs Bunny- still a classic
  • Scooby-doo- still going on since 1968
  • Totally Spies- popular from 2001-2005, because my daughter watched it, so did I. Three teenager girls recruited as spies. Superb writing, witty and funny, still my fav of the newer cartoons. No longer produced.
  • Batman and Robin- another classic.
  • Popeye-such a classic struggle between bad and good. Some episodes really had pulled me in. I really wanted to toss Popeye a can of spinach! I still recall it. Popeye looks at the audience as he is getting pummeled by Brutus and begs, " does anyone out there have a can of spinach?". Classic!
  • Tom and Jerry, Tweetie Pie and Sylvester the Cat. All classics that are still entertaining.
  • Pink Panther- still the best since its debut in the mid-60s.

Cartoons have changed, they are more violent and the animation is slicker. Not all of the newer cartoons like Dora are that way, but their slant is always education of some sort. Cartoons from the 60s-80s are just entertainment.

What are your favorites?


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    • classicalgeek profile image

      classicalgeek 7 years ago

      I sure agree with you on those first three and the Pink Panther!