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What are your Favorite TV Shows of 2013

Updated on November 3, 2013

What are Your Favorite TV Shows?

What are your Favorite TV Shows?

Good Shows and Mindless TV

It’s funny how a person’s taste changes in TV shows, but I am totally hooked on HGTV and the Cooking Channels. House Hunters, House Hunters International and My First Place, they are so good. You watch the buyers go through three homes and they choose one out of three options.

I am always curious about how many other houses they looked at that aren’t shown on the show, since a lot of the time the three choices they do offer… I wouldn’t choose from.

My TV tastes changed from a couple of years ago where I delved into any reality show I could find, and American Idol.

There are two shows I could watch over and over, and even bought the CD collection, that is King of Queens and Everyone Loves Raymond. The first thing I do if I am sick is put a CD in of King of Queens, it’s a great pick me up and very funny.

The Millionaire Matchmaker Show is excellent too, I am expecting to watch the new episode where Patti Stanger is the one looking for her match, should be fun, she is witty and charming. It is amazing how brutally honest she is and remains so popular, but good for her.

Some brainless shows I have on as background noise, but enjoy them are ‘Baggage’ with Jerry Springer; I swear they pay the people to say odd things that they claim are their baggage. Some of these shows are just out to make a buck…amusing never the less.

I used to love Roseanne but I can’t say I like her new show Roseanne’s Nuts I want to dye her hair so bad when watching it, and her sawing trees down and riding tractors is heroic I guess, but I miss the old Roseanne.

There are some very good shows on TV Land now if you enjoy comedies. Check out their listings of new shows, such as 'Hot in Cleavland, and ' 'The Exes,' It is amazing to see Betty White still on screen and as witty as ever.

Then we have the fad TV watchers which includes Twilight or any zombie show. I can see the attraction of watching romantic, but the fad in watching zombie related shows and movies... what the heck?

One thing television should work on is regulating the sounds for action shows and advertisements, some TV's have adjustments for this. You can't hear the people talk but the action guns, squealing tires is so loud its annoying...which tends to make you sit with the remote in your hand adjusting the sound continuously. Update as pf 2013 their was a law passed adverts have to have the same volume as the TV show hurray!

Feel free to share some of your favorite shows and why you like them.

(c) B. A. Williams


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