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What happend to Kim hyun joong

Updated on April 20, 2016

His start

He started in a boy banned called SS501. Every girl was in love with him because he had a young look face and was always kind to people. The thing that standed out the most was that he was very shy to do anything. He wasn't very social to people cause he always got nervous. Later on in 2009 he was a actor on Boys over flowers. He wasn't the main character but he was still very important in the drama, That drama became very popular over time and it was based on a boys over flowers 5 years before that. Later on he did music by himself. He had a good start but he ended going down hill and started singing and looking bad. He started to want to look cool and diffrent but he was messing himself up. Then He got onto a show called "Just got married" which was very cute cause you got to see his cute side again but that didn't last long eaither. That's when he started dating random women and got into a fight with one that spreaded the news.

What he did

Him and his girlfriend got into a fight because she was having mood swings and that pushed his limit where he beat her and broke her ribs. The thing is he said that's falls. well months later to find out that she was pregnant. He had no clue and thought she was lying about everything that was going on so they demanded a test to make sure and it was 100% his. Then he said it was true that he physically beat her and almost hurt the baby. Then he stated that he didn't want to have anything to do with the aby but Kim hyun joons parents would do everything they can to help the baby. He lost his acting and singing career and had to go straight to the military.

What you should learn

He was a very nice guy and probably still is but he needs to learn to grow up and know that it's okay to just hit his gf because she is upset. Thats not right at all and it make him look like a child. There is probably no way he can go back to the music buissness because South korea things that Kim hyun joong is A discrase to them.

What you think

Do you think he should be set free?

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What you learn from all of this

1. That he will grow from this

2. He can never be a actor again

3. People will see him diffrently

The Beating

Turning back time

Most likely if he didn't do all of this he would have been in a new drama or playing a new song and probabily would have grown as a better person through the years. He had so much given to him but his social skills and shyness got to him too hard and he just went too far. He wasn't ready at the time eaither. I think it was a little too early in his career to even think about starting something when his career is his life.


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