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What happens on a night shoot stays on the night shoot!

Updated on February 25, 2017

I could tell from the moment I left the house that this shoot was going to be a big fat No No to erase from my memory. So I began my journey and alas on reaching the M1 traffic was bumper to bumper. Sitting in traffic listening to Classic FM I began wondering what this night shoot had in store…how many peeps will be yawning the night away that I know and wonder what famous actor will be on set if any.

The journey according to google maps should take around 2h 17mins however due to my bad karma from something I probably did in the past, maybe stepping on an ant, the drive down took over 3 hours.

So naturally every motorway and road I got to had something gone wrong that ment I was sat stationary listening to my thought wondering if the AD would deduct my wages and if I should bother calling the agency to let them know I would be late.

On arrival at base, 30 minutes late I was greeted by an 18 year old with an ear piece and radio who seemed to be on an ego power trip, shoot me now! Why did I agree to this job?

Lets hope the dining bus has some friendlier faces. As I walk onto the bus I was greeted with the sight of what can only be described as Extras high school musical. sat on the table was an 18-19 year old girl singing about the dating site Tinder whilst about 10 other extras all about the same age 18-19 all had their social media guns pointing at her filming and hanging on her ever words as she played the ukulele…thank god my old pal (brother from another mother) was sat at the back looking like his head was about to explode any minute.

4 hours later after sitting bleeding out my ears to the sound of singing teenager we were ushered onto the mini bus and taken to the beach yay-though the time was getting onto midnight.

The cold wind from the sea was bitter and the singing teenagers had all frozen up mainly because they had hardly anything on.

It was an open set and constantly drunken idiots kept stumbling towards us saying ”Aye maaate what’s occuring….you famous or something aye aye aye mate!”

After filming what could only be described as a pointless waste of money scene we all huddled in the holding area for warmth, with an occasional croak coming from the teenagers as they started to defrost! (Please don’t start singing again please)

Remember the ego power trip 18 year old AD I mentioned earlier, well he’s back with vengeance. “Who started at 1900, put your hands up?” some of us sheepishly put our hands up not knowing if this was about to be a good thing or signing our death warrant.

“Ok you, you, you and you stand over there, whilst I wrap everyone else”. WTF what an absolute douche bag.

It would make more sense to say ok who has the furthest to drive home (which would be me 3 hours back with road closures, and few other poor souls who had work at 7am), we should have been wrapped early not the singing teenagers who live in the same town as the set. This really boiled my blood.

So the A-Team powered on till 3am and eventually we got wrapped. Looking on the chit we only got about £20 more than if it was a normal day shoot which to be honest really isn’t worth it not when you have to drive back half asleep and risk falling asleep at the wheel.

I got home around 0530am having to be up again in few hours, was it really worth the journey and my time, probably not, will I do it again. Probably!

Cast your vote for Rate doing night shoots....2 stars for me


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