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What is Entertainment Media?

Updated on April 13, 2012

Entertainment media has evolved immensely in recent years. Many aspects of modern technology have become a platform for various forms of entertainment. Media developments have positive as well as negative influences on society. Although entertainment media evolved into various dynamic forms, it is the effect it has on American culture that intrigues its audience.

There was once a time when media was very controlled. Radio and television shows were held to strict time limit. Broadcasting stations determined how long a program would run and what time slot it would be featured on. During this time radio and television was the main outlet for entertainment so the audience had no choice but to adhere to the schedule. Entertainment media has become a more on-demand medium. Giving the audience more control over what they watch and when they watch it. The internet is controlled by its user, not by the internet itself. If one missed a show that aired on television the night before it would typically be a loss, but now if a show is missed we can access the internet and watch it on our own time. Hit songs that we hear on the radio can now be instantly downloaded. There is almost no need to visit a record store anymore because most people enjoy music in a digital format.

Some forms of entertainment media have negative influences on society. Some reality TV shows glorify the party life and portray a fun worry free lifestyle. This intrigues people and when people are intrigued they tend to want to experience it themselves. It would not be entertainment if it was not intriguing to the audience. In reality you cannot party every night of the week, not work, and not be responsible. There are many consequences to these actions that are not portrayed in these shows, which is dangerous to young viewers. There are also some positive influences in entertainment media. “American Pickers” is a show that features two friends who travel the country buying old antiques to turn a profit. This show describes each item the pickers find explaining the history behind it. This is an entertaining show that also educates its audience.

Entertainment media is a reflection of societal behaviors and attitudes. If there is one thing to be recognized in modern media it is that the audience is controlling it more and more. The development of media is a result of people getting what they want, how they want, and when they want it. The world notices the behaviors and attitudes of society, exploits it, and turns it into entertainment media.


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