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What is Rhyme Scheme in Rap?

Updated on June 19, 2016

What are Multi Syllables?

In rap,when some words sound similar they are called rhyming words and when two rhyming words rhyme with a set of another two,they are called multi syllables.

"It is a way to name rhyme's as 1,2 or A,B used in the lyrics of a rap". You can understand the concept by following example of Eminem's song Lose Yourself,

Lyrics of Eminem's song:"His palm's are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy,there is vomit on his sweater already.."

Rhyme scheme of Eminem's song:"- -12/--12//---2/"

You can see -,- in the rhyme scheme, they are for each syllable.12 is used for similar rhymes.Such kind of rhymes are called multi syllables.Below is a picture showing you the rhyme scheme of William Wordsworth's famous poem Daffodils:

Now that you are clear with the concept of rhymes and rhyme scheme, lets move on.

Have you constructed a rhyme scheme before?

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How to construct a rhyme scheme?

First of all,you should know what are bars,what are rhymes and what is flow,etc. If you are clear with all of these things then,

  • Write a rap without any rhyme structure.
  • When you are done writing,construct its rhyme Scheme directly from it.
  • Now that you have the rhyme structure of an experimented rap,write another rap with the help of the rhyme scheme you got from the first.

Lets clear the complexity by following example,

  • Lyrics:"I got home from the market,got an apple cut em half piece and then burn em to fry these..."
  • Rhyme scheme from these lyrics:"---1/-2-1/-2-1//"
  • Another rap following the same concluded rhyme scheme:"No more worries, i m down and hurrying wanna shout i am buried.."

You can see that the first rap we wrote was not according to any rhyme scheme, then we wrote a rhyme scheme that we concluded from the rap that we wrote without any structure and this time we wrote another rap according to this structure.

I know you will be thinking "What is the purpose of all this?". This is a practice for beginners.They can't create a newly rhyme scheme and then write a rap according to it.I am sure this is gonna help you know how to construct a rhyme scheme.

Why to construct rhyme scheme?

It should be constructed when you write a rap on a beat.It is very useful.It gives you a well mannered set of bars.Each syllable has a purpose.Only the lyricist knows how to rap his/her lyrics.You can try to write how you love but I recommend creating rhyme scheme of your every rap.

This shows how talented and skillful you are than the rest.You should construct your basic rhyme scheme.You can make changes to it for every condition to make it suitable for it.Then you don't need to start from nothing again and again.That's gonna help giving you your basic writing manner.

What you should do?

You should at least try this method for once.If you find it helpful then always construct a rhyme scheme before writing a rap.But you should write your rap to a beat rather than finding a beat match your rap and if this doesn't help you do any better than don't bother yourself and write as you rhyme and the way you go.Rhyme scheme gets your rap in mannered art form.Thus it is very useful if you wanna be a professional rapper.

Are you gonna construct rhyme schemes now?

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Problems that you are gonna face

There are some difficulties for you when you write lyrics based on a rhyme structure.One of the biggest problem is that you write a rap that seems being written in a computer language.The reason behind it is that when you write according to a rhyme scheme,you just find rhyming words and can't find the sense behind them and space for them in your rap and that all makes you crazy.You are gonna lose any hope for yourself being a rapper if you find it really hard.But after being used to it, you are gonna find that your raps are more professional now and your music seems touching mainstream level.That's the only issue.But certainly it is a technique by mainstream rappers.


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