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What is Shojo (shoujo) Anime?

Updated on July 7, 2010

Shojo Anime

Shojo Anime
Shojo Anime
Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket
Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play)
Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play)
Sensou Toshokan
Sensou Toshokan
B H Gata Kei
B H Gata Kei
Angelic Layer
Angelic Layer

The term shojo or shoujo manga refers to manga marketed to a female audience roughly between the ages of 10 and 18. The name romanizes the Japanese Shojo, literally: "little girl".

A little of history:

Japanese magazines specifically for girls. know as shojo magazines, first appeared in 1903 with the founding of Shojo Kai (Girl's World)and continued with others such as Shojo Sekai (Girl's World) (1906)and the long-running Shojo no tomo (Girls Friend) (1908). In the mid-1960sone of the few female artist in the field, Yoshiko Nishitani, began to draw stories featuring contemporary Japanese teenagers in love. This signaled a dramatic transformation of the genre. Between 1950 and 1969, increasingly large audiences for manga emerged in Japan with the solidification of its two main marketing genre, shonene manga aimed at boys and shojo manga aimed at girls.

Since the mid-1970s, women have created the vast majority of shojo manga - notable exceptions include MineoMaya and Shinji Wada.

From 1975 to 2010 shojo manga continued to develop stylistically while simultaneously branching out into different but overlapping subgenres. Major sub-genres include romance science fiction, fantasy, magical girls, yaoi, and "Ladies Comics" (In Japanese redisu, redikomi and josei.

Shojo (sometimes spelled shoujo) anime is made for a younger, female audience with the emphasis being placed on personal relationships rather than world-shaking battles or politics.

These are just some Shojo anime, that you might want to see. If you have any other suggestions tell us about it..

Fruits Basket. The story focuses on Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school girl who runs into a cursed family.

Fushigi Yuugi (The Mysterious Play). In this anime a young girl fallsthrough a portal in a book that takes her to ancient China. Once there, she is declared a priestess who must save the world by collecting the Celestial Warriors of the country and invoking a god,

Sensou Toshokan. It has a strange story, wich takes place in a context of war books and fight for freedom of expression. Iku Kasahara is a girl who is enlisted into the army in search of a men who saved her in a bookstore.

B H Gata Kei. Yamada is the popular girl in school, but has a problem, she has no experience in love, so she decides to seduce an unpopular and unattractive guy to have its debut. It begind as a comedy but slowly emerging love.

Angelic Layer. This is an older series about a young girl who moves to Tokyo and gets caught up in the lastest toy craze- a doll that can battle in an arena with the power of your mind. It's heartwarming and a lot of fun.

What do you think about these anime series? Which other do you suggest?


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