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What is Virool? | Overview on

Updated on May 3, 2013

Virool Overview Video

Virool Overview
Virool Overview | Source

Virool Introduction

It has been several months now, since started crawling all over the internet with their advertisements. You might as well have seen one of their videos or banners already. What I understand from those ads are that they seem to be serious about what they intend to do. Because, it surely cost a lot of money for the kind of promotion they're on.

What is Virool? is basically an online video marketing/promotional platform. As of now, they focus on Youtube video promotions. Once you signup with and start a campaign, they help you to get views from the audience you target(that is what they claim to do...).

Virool masterminds have made use of one of the strong online emotion off of people; which is to get seen. people like to get their videos to get seen by as many people as they possibly can. So, Virool opened up a door for that now.

How Does Work?

They have geniously created a platform where advertisers and publishers can signup with them in just matter of minutes.

Now, what really happens is; when an advertiser initiates a campaign with his/her Youtube Video URL, and once the payment is done, Virool takes the video and shows it on different publisher web pages. This could be on different blogs, websites, social networks etc. They also have option for advertisers to choose select if they wish to promote their video in mobile/tablet devices.

How much does it cost to promote a video on virool

For one view of your video, you'll be paying $0.04 - $0.13. Results are spontaneous.Just after the campaign is funded and set up, video views start showing. This process could get completed and take action in couple of minutes.

One can start a campaign with as low as $10. This amount should bring anywhere around 90-250 views depending on the cost per view set by the advertiser.

Promote Youtube Videos
Promote Youtube Videos

For whom is Virool for?

Good question!. Well, from my point of view, Virool is for anyone who'd like to have some extra views really fast for whatever reasons. But Virool could be more beneficial for those who promote or sell a product/service through their video.

I personally won't recommend Virool if it is just for the sake of views. Because, a video with engaging, quality content could easily acquire views for free. Paying 10 cents for views sake sounds like wasted money to me...Just saying. :)

Where are my Video promoted?

Well, as of now I know that they have publishers who have signed up with them, who make a revenue out of showing videos from virool.

It is yet to be confirmed while i write this article, how credible these publishers are. For example, if your video is shown on a place where they pay people to view your video, it won't make you any returns out of promoting that video via virool. Of course, that will still get you video views.

Conclusion to VIrool Overview

I am concluding with these information as of now. I personally am doing some test campaigns on to see how it all works and what publishers they have. So i hope to come up with some more on how virool perform.

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