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BLACKPINK: How You Like That

Updated on June 26, 2020
Kedan Pentia profile image

Kedan is a pop-culture fanatic who lends his voice and opinions on the contemporary music scene. #BeatsByKed

It's Blackpink in Your Area...

It is impossible to not know the name "Blackpink" if you are a music fan. Kpop? Western pop? Rap? All I know is that Blackpink is the revolution. This year they went on their first world tour and if you were not able to make it to a show, have no fear, I did and this article will give you a first hand experience all with original videos and photos. DISCLAIMER: This is not a look into the group's history, but purely about my live show experience and each members star quality. Still here Blinks? Then let's do it!

Blackpink in London


Let's Set the Stage

I have been a Blink for over a year now, yes I know I'm late to the party! I had always known about Blackpink, but it was more general music knowledge. That was until one day when I accidentally clicked on a Youtube link to the dance practice to "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Du" and my life changed. I then started from their debut watching and listening to all the media I could find until I was a Blink. (Part of the fandom). With this now in context, you can imagine how excited I was when I found out London was a stop on the world tour. I bought my ticket and tried to be cool on the night. *Wink* In the article below, I give a you a look into each members performance and the overall show. Starting from maknae (youngest) to unnie (oldest).

Lisa (Position:Rapper/Main Dancer)

Lisa has always been described as a dual personality, playful in person and a star on stage. This I can vouch for as it is 100% true. When Lisa is performing and specifically dancing, she is focused and committed to delivering a memorable performance for the fans. The fans, of course, absolutely love her energy and feel the connection, not a big surprise with her being the most followed Kpop Idol on Instagram. What I loved is that Lisa really is the youngest member in her actions as all during the show in between songs, she is being sweet to the other members, while also hyping them up. An interesting part of the show is that each member gets to do a solo performance and Lisa is the only member who does a purely dance solo. Enjoy!

Lisa During Her Solo

Rose' (Position:Main Vocalist)

Now, there really is something special about Rose'. From her overall stage presence to her unique vocals, it's easy to see why YG included her in the 4 piece-outfit. Her range is impressive and how she makes it all look so effortless. Apart from the vocals, she brings a real honesty and earnest energy in her performance. She wants to do her best for fans and always mentions how grateful she is for blinks coming out to see them. Someone needs to tell her is she part of one of the biggest girls group in the world! Side note, there has been a lot of talk she will have the next solo re-lease, but we have to wait because YG is keeping it a secret for now. *Screams Internally*

Rose' During "Kick It"

Jennie (Position:Vocalist/Rapper)

Now if you have been following the Kpop drama scene, you will know Jennie came under a lot of scrutiny recently for not giving her all during performances. With this is mind, I was anxious to see her perform. Let me set the record straight, that is fake news or at least a thing of the past. Jennie was energetic and maintained her signature stage presence and star quality that she has been known for. Amazing vocals and choreography and of course, the crowd could not contain themselves when she performed her solo, entitled "Solo". Yes, I'm aware of the work play there. I selected a special clip of Jennie below just to prove her energy.

Jennie (With ALL the Energy)

Jisoo (Position:Main Vocalist/Visual)

I will try to be objective here and that is because Jisoo is my bias! (Favourite member). Jisoo as the eldest and leader carries a lot of pressure, that being said, she shows no sign of it as her personality shines through which is carefree and energising. All through the show, she is constantly working that extra percent to make sure her moves are precise and vocals are perfection. She keeps an eye on the other members during the show making sure they are comfortable and able to deliver strong performances. A special treat for all the international fans is that Jisoo speaks in English (fluently) to engage and show how much she appreciates them. She renders a special performance of Zedd's Clarity for her solo. An interesting note, she wrote the Korean lyrics herself for the performance. This also happens to be my favourite song of all time!

Jisoo Performing Clarity

Overall Presence

One thing that became clear from the show for me is that these four girls are absolute stars. Individually they are amazing, don't get me wrong, but together there is no comparison to watching them perform as a group. Perfectly in sync and feeding off each other's energy. A definite highlight is their performance of "Kiss and Make Up", the summer hit featuring Dua Lipa. Although not during the London leg, they did perform the song with her during the tour leg in America.


My Bias

Okay, I know what I said earlier. So I will not say anything more about Jisoo. Instead I will share some bonus content and let you decide below!

Jisoo Speaking English

Blackpink is the Revolution...

If you are lucky enough to be able attend a concert, you are in for an amazing show blinks. Powerhouse vocals, perfectly in sync choreography and the playful energy that will stay with you for months to come after. Say what you will about Blackpink, but they can take all my #Uwus. (Google It.)

© 2019 Kedan Pentia


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