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The Educational System: does it need to be fix?

Updated on May 6, 2016

The Educational System

Everyone goes to school especially during their childhood days. you start from preschool and then work your way up to high school. However, I'm concerned about why you go to school nowadays. I feel as though the educational system does not teach youths the real knowledge that's going to take them places. Things like taxes, basic human rights, how to get a job, etc. The things that truly matter in the real world. I think the only thing that this system has done right was to teach kids about two major subjects: Basic math and english. However, the other stuff such as art, gym, and foreign language classes should be categorized as extra work. In fact, I think that all subjects that aren't math or english should be considered extra work.

The things I mentioned earlier, taxes, basic human rights, how to get a job should be put into the curriculum. Youths need to really be prepared for the real world because its not pretty. Anyone who has graduated out of high school and realized that they don't know what to do will agree with me. we already know that about basic math and English but how does money work or how do you pay a bill? School never teaches you these things. I believe its time that the educational system had a rebirth. In other words, school needs to go to school.

My rant about the educational system


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