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What is in your music list?

Updated on August 11, 2012

When you open up entertainment magazine or sometimes even a people magazine they always seem to have a page for music lists that celebrities have that they listen too. We all have our favorite music that we listen to the most. Have you looked in your itunes to see which song has been played the most?

We all probably have several play lists because maybe we like to listen to something different. I know that I have different lists because there are times when I want to listen to slow music. Then there will be days when I like to listen to fast paced music especially when it comes to working out. There are times when I like to listen to romantic songs and have some artists that help me enjoy that music.

In my fast paced music list I like to listen to Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, even a little bit of Sean Paul. Sometimes I like to really listen to Kat Deluna and even Cascada. I do have a few favorite songs, one that I really like is Follow the Leader with Jennifer Lopez featuring Wisin y Yandel. Even Shakira is on my list of fast paced music because her music makes one really want to move.

When it comes to slow, romantic songs, I like to listen to Celine Dion because the songs that she sings bring out the romantic side of me. I have known people who use her songs during weddings and that is a good occasion to listen to them. There are also many other songs that can bring out the romance in people. This one singer is on my list, Sarah Brightman, she wrote this really nice song in Spanish which is really nice to listen too.

I'm sure we all have so many songs in our mp3 players or even our Ipod's. Have you found yourself not listening to all the songs that you have? I find myself doing that sometimes. Is there a type of music genre that you like to listen too? Who is your favorite singer that you find yourself listening to the most?


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    • Marchello profile image

      Marko Vucinic 4 years ago from Cuprija, Sebia

      My favorite genre is Rap and R&B.

      My favorite singers are 2pcac and Rihanna.