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What is media's Kim Kardashian agenda?

Updated on March 12, 2013
Not so hot lips
Not so hot lips | Source

A day doesn't go by in which despite my best efforts I run into a media story about Kim Kardashian. There pictures of her are plastered all over the online news sites. These stories are not buried in the "celebrity" section. No sir. They are right there on the front page next to the news of a sequester threatening to shut down the U.S. economy. So, she must be just as important to the well-being of the world. Just about every day there is a picture of Kim Kardashian standing somewhere, posing for the camera, and that smug half smile of hers just gnaws at my whole being.

Who is Kim Kardashian? Where did she come from? How did she become so famous and important? What has she done for the world? Why is she so covered by the media?

There is no greater currency for a so-called "celebrity" than publicity. For them, it is gold. It is their lifeline. What do "celebrities" produce? Let's see what others produce. Real people have to work hard for a living. Farmers get up at 5 AM and spend ungodly hours fighting the elements to grow grains, raise cattle, harvest fruits in order to feed America. Construction workers lift heavy loads of concrete and masonry, risk injury and fatality in order to build homes. Steel workers take their lives in their hands around 2000 degree molten metal to roll sheets and pound iron into shape for building bridges and factory goods. The man at the corner bakery sweats at his oven to bring us delicious French rolls. The sanitation worker takes away our refuse. The medical staff exposes itself to your germs every day to help heal you. They all produce goods and services. They are the engine of America. Without them the country would come to its knees.

Yet the media plasters pictures of these people on the front page next to the Pope every day. It faithfully and consistently covers Kim Kardashian's every pose, her face that is still unappealing despite being medically altered for beauty purposes. I know most people are like me and switch the channel or flip the page when they see her mug. Yet, there she is. For those who care the minutest minutia of her life is covered in breathless detail. And yet none of that minutia is really interesting, because she doesn't seem to really do anything other than to sleep until noon, eat for 2 hours, apply make up for 3 to come and out stick her big behind at the camera before going inside to find another fake marriage to arrange for more publicity. As far as I know she neither raises crops nor cattle. She builds neither homes nor roads. She does neither clean her house nor even give herself a facial. She eats, sleeps, talks, and servants attend to her every need.

I am just utterly baffled. What great feat has this woman accomplished to be so anointed by the media to be the subject of such fantastic attention? Why does the media shower Kim Kardashian with the greatest currency a celebrity could covet: attention and coverage? That attention and coverage has generated an immense wealth for a woman whose only claim to fame has been to release a video of a certain deed reserved for the bedroom and usually kept private. I know of no parent who would approve of their daughter (or son for that matter) doing that to make a living instead of completing an education and landing a respectable profession. Yet, it is many of those parents who participate in this despicable game, who give her attention, who watch her reality show and buy her goods.

There is a Denny's nearby I have been going to with my friends many Friday nights after work where Bonnie the waitress is delighted to serve us. She comes rushing to us, addresses us by first name, jokes around, takes our order, stops by often to attend to us, to refill the coffee and crack more jokes. She makes us feel at home. She works long shifts and yet she never complains. I know for a fact she does all her own house work and doesn't have a masseuse, a manicurist, a personal trainer, a bodyguard, nor her own driver. Bonnie is a 73 year old woman who has worked since she was 16. She loves to work, partially because she has to. Why is Bonnie not on the cover of every magazine? There was a time in America that the media covered these people because they are what represents the real America. But times have changed. Today, the media has a different agenda, and it coincides with Kim Kardashian's.

Behind the headliner's behind
Behind the headliner's behind | Source

Finally: The Agenda

So, what is media's agenda? Simple. Their agenda is exactly the same as Kardashian's: not to do any hard work. Doing real news is hard. Breaking new stories is hard. Investigative reporting is very hard. It requires perseverance and sometimes years of chase which at the end could turn into a dead-end and make enemies in the process. Covering war and crime is actually dangerous. Covering celebrities is easy and safe, especially when a new organization become a fawning sycophant. You just talk about how Kim Kardashian is dating a new guy and boom, there is your news quota for the day. Dumbing down the public to be info-tained dubes no smarter than an average russet potato helps your job because in the long run they learn to be bored of real reporting and instead crave easy-to-digest fluff. In essence, the public is increasingly getting conditioned to treat real news as eating vegetables, while it comes to consider celebrity gossip as eating candy, pop candy.

It is a sad day for humanity when more people read TMZ than NY Times.


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