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What Is The Best Way To Watch A Movie?

Updated on January 19, 2018
A movie poster of a movie that was just taken out of theaters and will now be available on  DVD and Netflix shortly
A movie poster of a movie that was just taken out of theaters and will now be available on DVD and Netflix shortly

What Is The Best Way To Watch A Movie?

Movies are great, aren’t they? Especially since they can be watched limitlessly in terms of watching them on the different devices that we all have now, or going out to buy the actual movie on DVD from the store. Movies are always being made which in turn makes them limitless. There are also so many different limitless ways to watch them. What is the best way to watch a movie?

There are limitless ways to watch movies in today’s day and age. You can watch a movie anytime and anywhere, with iPad's and laptops, DVDs and movie streaming software and download. You can also still frequent movie rental stores to rent movies and buy them later if you so desire. Netflix is a place where movies are put online to stream but you have to pay for a subscription to it yearly or monthly in order to do so, it isn't that much if you wanted to do look into it, I think it is 8.99 or 12,99 a month. Although Netflix hasn’t been out that long a lot of people use that to watch movies now rather than renting them or even going to the theater. I have always had movies, bought from a store. When I was younger we never went to the movies but we would purchase them instead. When we counted them one day, we had over five hundred and that wasn’t including DVDs because they weren’t out yet. Isn’t that crazy?

Movies are a great pass time, aren’t they? Sometimes you can watch them and not realize how many you have gone through. Although that has only been happening over the recent years. Why have movies become available via the internet and Netflix? For the ease of watching them of course. So do people actually purchase movies anymore? That is the biggest question of all, I know that people go to the theater I can attest to that since I went to the theater last night, and it was packed. I went to see Fast and Furious Seven, and it was great one of the best fast and furious movies they have ever made in my opinion. The theater could have been so full because it was a weekend and Fast and Furious seven, had just come out on Friday but even when I go to the theater on a Tuesday it is full. I guess it depends on how you like to watch your movies. Do you go to the theater to watch a movie and then purchase it after it is out of the theater? Some people don’t do that when they see it once then that is enough for them, but most people will go to the theater see a movie and then when it comes out on DVD they will purchase it.

What is the best way to watch a movie? I feel like if the movie is new and I know that it is going to be really good I will go to the theater once to watch it. Then when it comes out on DVD I will purchase the movie. I do watch movies on Netflix but most of the time, if I watch a movie it is a one time, watch. I don’t know what it is but some of the movies on Netflix are boring and I can’t follow the plot. Have you ever seen a movie that you thought was going to be so good but then you watch it and it is so confusing that you just can’t follow it? I have and most of the time, I am watching them on Netflix and I haven’t seen them before. I like buying the movies on DVD or going to the theater, for the most part, sometimes I will watch them on Netflix and the benefit of that, is there are no Previews which is a plus. On the other movies, there is always previews and they take ten minutes, who wants to sit through ten minutes of previews?

The Best Way To Watch A Movie

What is the best way to watch a movie

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What Types Of Movies Do You Enjoy?

What types of movies do you like? I am an action, drama and romance girl myself, and so watching the Fast and Furious movies is my go to pick a movie when I want it all in one. What is it that you like the best? I like watching movies because I find that you can let go of all your worries and just focus on the movie. Sometimes you need to do that, don’t you? Have you ever just watched a movie to clear your head, I know many people watch movies to relax but is clearing your head the same as relaxing? I think that it is, so if you need to do that and you don’t know what to do, why not pick out your favorite movie and watch it.

When I can’t focus on writing that is when I watch movies, on Netflix or out of my DVD collection, it is a welcome distraction. Sometimes you need a movie to distract you from your everyday life, no matter what movie it is, don’t you think? The big question is what is the best way to watch a movie or more accurately how do you like watching movies?

Do you like going to the movies to watch them, or do you like waiting for them to come out on Netflix or DVD? Or do you watch them online, before they come to DVD? Movies are limitless in a sense that there is always moving coming out each week, but is there a limitless way to watch them? What I mean by this is, can you just watch one movie after another after another or are you the type of person who watches one movie in the theaters and doesn't see it again or do you watch it again by buying it or seeing it on Netflix?

I am the type of person who enjoys going to the theater to watch a movie when it first comes out. The taste of movie theater popcorn is amazing who doesn't like the taste of it? Do you like the thrill of sitting in the theater to watch a movie or do you like watching it at home better so you can eat your own snacks and however much you want of them?

I enjoy going to the theater for the sake of getting out the house and eating limitless amounts of butter and salt on my popcorn. The popcorn you have at home isn't as good as movie theater popcorn which is why I love going to the theater.

However, I do enjoy having movies on DVD or Netflix because then I can watch them limitlessly at home whenever I want.

Fast and Furious 8 the latest movie I have seen in theaters and an amazing one at that
Fast and Furious 8 the latest movie I have seen in theaters and an amazing one at that

Watch Movies The Way You Want

Watching movies is all about convenience for the person watching them. Which in turn means there are limitless ways to do so with all the technology out there to use when watching a movie. Since we all have busy lives we might not all watch movies the same way. For example, there is Netflix where you can see movies after they are out of the theater and on DVD, you can actually go out and buy the DVD, you can watch it on the android box while it is still in theater, or use it like you would use Netflix. Or you could go to the actual movie theater, and see the movie. See limitless ways to watch a movie. It also depends on how you like to watch a movie the most is what most people choose. Which is fine because we all have our own preferences when it comes to how we watch a movie.

What do you think the best way to watch a movie is? Let's Discuss

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