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What makes Megan Fox look Hot?

Updated on July 3, 2013
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Megan Fox is considered as the Hottest Woman by many magazines like FHM. She was ranked number 1 twice on the list. We see Megan Fox as a flawless beautiful woman, but the question is what makes her look so good after all? There are few things about Miss Fox that makes her flawlessly gorgeous, it's easy to tell.

Lets put the cosmetic surgeries aside and walk past a bit. Let's travel back to the time when she was just an innocent young sixteen year old. She wasn't as pretty as she is now, that's obvious.But one thing is for sure, she was still pretty. She had good features. The shape of her eyes, her light eye color, her face cut, they were good. It's like you got a sheet with a beautiful background already neatly drawn on it, so what you're about to paint will make it more better. That's how it went for Miss Fox's face. She had beautiful features already the time she was a teen. Some people go lucky with the cosmetic surgeries, while some people spend human earth dollars on themselves and end up destroying their beautiful gifted faces. So Fox is quite lucky in this aspect.

Megan Fox has an admiring body. She has nice curves, with a very tiny waist. Some of us are for sure aware of her implants. But over here we're talking about her own natural figure. She claims to work out a lot, although being a lazy person. Megan Fox claims that she treats her body with an immense amount of Pilates. Pilates is a sort of workout that a lot of women follow, e.g Jennifer Aniston. So if you want a body like Fox, you should check out Pilates.

Transformers is the young men's most favorite blockbuster movie. For the actress role the director Michael Bay had called out a lot of pretty girls for the audition. Megan Fox eventually was selected to star in the blockbuster movie. The men waiting a lot to watch their favorite comic based movie,Transformers, which starred a very hot girl, Megan Fox. Who was that girl? Everybody wondered. Nobody knew her before Transformers despite her pretty looks. She even starred in Confessions of a teenage drama queen alongside Lindsay Lohan, in which I confess Fox looked way better than she does now. But nobody bothered to compliment her in that movie. So, all the credit goes to the cameras in Transformers. The most famous scene in Transformers when Fox stands at the back of the car, tilted down and the sun shining on her tight abs, makes her the most noticeable and popular. It was the scene that manipulated the minds of the many boys that drool over her when she poses for the cameras. Her best role ever was in Transformers.

The way she carries herself
What makes a person noticeable is the way that person carriers him/herself. Megan Fox wears the clothes that highlights her body and her petite physique. She wears the nicest makeup, she colors her envied eyebrows just the perfect way, but not by herself, the million dollars does that for her. She has fine tattoos painted on her body, which she showcases in almost every photo taken of her. She treats her hair very nicely. She keeps her hair long, which is considered a fine sign of beauty.

She has an awful personality, most people claim. But what makes her the most popular is her obnoxious personality. She claims that she is a loudmouth, which she is. She is very honest, she says things as they are, which shocks people. She openly criticizes people, events, movies, directors which always keeps her on the tabloids. If she had only her looks, she wouldn't have been as famous as she is now.

Bottom line is, anybody can be Megan Fox in their own best ways. But why be Megan
Fox when you can be the very best of yourself. Don't forget that, if you try to be
somebody else, then who's going to be 'you'? You are the best 'you' you can be.


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    • profile image

      The boss 2 years ago

      She's very hot and sexy

    • profile image

      Emma 2 years ago

      So I have been told I look exactly like her , which I don't mind, but why should we bash her beauty because she just enhanced her beauty. Almost every super hot actress has had plastic surgery, so why just disrespect her.

    • profile image

      Bobby 2 years ago

      I think she us a beautiful young woman who speaks her mind, she may have had plastic surgery but she was beatiful before but looks aren't everything. She's honest, only gives herself to the person she loves, and a great actress. So everyone stop hating her for what she looks like, because she is a beautiful person who has a career and a family to tend to. And people who called her ugly before are the reason she got plastic surgery and why she continues.

    • profile image

      Ilovemeganfox 4 years ago

      I am in love with her but totally agrreeing with your articles lol. Hands up to ya

    • profile image

      Aria plls 4 years ago

      @randy manson,

      You gotta be kidding me. She is perfect with or without surgeries. U ok?

    • profile image

      Randy manson 4 years ago

      You missed a point. You didn't mention the surgeries she has had. She is totally fake dude. She was way different looking in transformers. Now she's a robot. She can't even move her face muscles.

    • profile image

      Penny_ypo 4 years ago

      Lol. How do I get hr eyebrows though lol

    • profile image

      Wendy 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Jake 4 years ago

      Lol awesome. She is beautiful for sure

    • profile image

      Amy_loop 4 years ago

      I totally agree wd u. U wrote d article in a subtle way. Not against her. It's median. Love yo style.

    • profile image

      Alice Montgomery 4 years ago

      So true. Loved your article.


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