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What makes a great comedy movie?

Updated on February 26, 2015

What are the ingredients of great Hollywood movie?

For in the last 40 years there are really only two great comedy movies that have come out that hit all the marks of what makes a great movie comedy. The first one is Annie Hall, and this movie is still the only best picture winner for a comedy in the history of the Academy Awards. There is no doubt in my mind that Annie Hall is the best writing and movie making that Woody Allen has ever done. This movie was brilliant throughout and flawlessly funny in almost ever scene. I have never seen a better or more funny movie in all my years of movie going.

My second favorite comedy movie is When Harry Met Sally, which was written by Nora Ephron and came out in 1989. For one thing, Meg Ryan has never looked more radiant or cute in any movie she has ever done. The scenes, the lines and the timing of this movie was perfect in every scene. Of course everybody remembers the famous orgasm scene in this movie, but there are many more scenes that were equally or even more funny in this movie. I have no idea why after so many years, only these two movie stand out so far above any other movie comedy I have ever seen.

Woody Allen did make a very good third mention with the movie Manhattan which came out in 1977 and was filmed in black and white, but this movie did not have anywhere near as many funny scenes as Annie Hall.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally
When Harry Met Sally

Annie Hall

Annie Hall, 1977
Annie Hall, 1977


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